Adding More Strawberry Roots to an Existing Bed

One of the nicest things my husband has done for me over the years is, every Spring, he plants me a kitchen garden with raised beds, with one of the beds filled with strawberry plants.

Beautiful red strawberries. There’s nothing like home grown.

Berries that are sweet that make me very happy.

And our family happy.

And others happy.

It’s not just an ordinary strawberry bed, either.

Because our strawberry bed is also filled with love. :)

In early February, to the Grange my husband goes.

And then home to plant the roots.

This year he mounded the center of the bed. He’s always trying something new.

And into the ground went 24 new, fresh, baby roots.

Strong arms, a plan, and a desire to feed his family.

He does it with love.

For me.

And for them.

Happiness + joy + strawberries = LOVE.

Will you be planting strawberries this year?

(A couple years back I wrote about how I pulled the weeds and replaced them with a berry root. Last year we bought our berries from The Home Depot. This year in our new mounds we planted 24 new Seascape berry roots. In a post to come, stay tuned for more information on this everbearing plant, that may just work for your garden.)

11 comments on “Adding More Strawberry Roots to an Existing Bed”

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  4. This is a wonderful post, Sandy! Love it! I need to order more strawberries to add more strawberries here!

  5. Your gardening posts are always my favorite! We are planting more strawberries this year as well! May your garden bring you many blessings this year!

  6. I’ll be planting new roots, too, just as soon as I can. At the moment, our yard remains covered with snow. I’m jealous of that gorgeous green and the rich brown dirt you’ve got going there.

  7. You have such a thoughtful husband to do that work! My husband is the same way – he gets the garden ready for me every year. We grew strawberries a few years ago, and they were so good! Grocery store strawberries don’t taste like the same berry. Maybe we’ll have to add them again this year …

  8. Every time I see your gardening posts, all I want to do is run out to my garden and get started… even if there is snow on the ground. You make those strawberries look so good!! Can you just come over and help me plant them?! :)

  9. No strawberries, but raspberries were planted in the fall. Love planting a garden, nurturing as it grows and picking the produce. Basic, wonderful home tasks to encourage a good life.

  10. What a sweet tradition. I love the idea of a kitchen garden. Do you have trouble keeping critters out of it? My yard is overrun with squirrels, bunnies, etc.

  11. What a wonderful husband you have!

    We love to spend time in the garden as a family, weeding, chatting, finding new things…

    This year we are trying wild strawberries from seed. So far they are cute and adorable, I hope they produce fruit!

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