Celebrate Spring on its Way with Simple Yellow Tulips in a Jar

Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s when you had everything to do, and you’ve done it. – Margaret Thatcher

I love days when I can cross off my list most of what I needed to get done. Although it’s a rare day when everything gets crossed off, there’s still satisfaction in starting with a goal, and by the end of the day just knowing that you did your best to accomplish that goal.

I’m happier, and my family seems to be happier, because I’m more relaxed.

One of the SIMPLE things I love to do, free in the spring, summer and fall when I can go to my garden, is to fill the house with fresh flowers. Even if it’s a little vase of daisies by the kitchen sink or in the bathroom.

In the winter months (now going in to spring), many grocery stores offer fresh-cut flowers at a reasonable price.

So I treat myself to some. Like these beautiful yellow tulips which I bought last week.

I save ribbon from other gifts or packages, rolling it up and securing with a paperclip to keep in place.

Find a canning jar and fill with water.

Wrap the ribbon, or tie it in a bow (use the paperclip).

Fill the jar with flowers, place on your dining table, and ENJOY.

Tulips and daffodils are usually the first flowers of spring. So lovely.

Have you brought fresh-cut flowers into your house yet to celebrate March and Spring is on the way?

11 comments on “Celebrate Spring on its Way with Simple Yellow Tulips in a Jar”

  1. What a lovely idea. Tulips are an indication of spring and I love that you put them in a canning jar.

  2. I love tulips! Love the simple way you displayed them as well. I purchased some sunflowers the other day. They make me smile each time I walk by them.

  3. There isn’t anything I love more than fresh cut flowers in the house, especially at this time of year. Or February. Or January. Or… Right now, there are creamy white lilies on the front hall table and bright yellow ones in the dining room. I love the ribbon treatment you gave that ball jar. Mr. G, honey does a good job of keeping me supplied with flowers; everything from a big bouquet to a clutch of posies. He knows his woman. :-)

  4. Those yellow tulips are so bright and springy! I would do that with daffodils. They grow along the banks of the canal that runs between my house and the business next door, on my side. Once I see them, I’m going to do what you did. :) I have lots of mason jars.

  5. You are so right Sandy – I adore fresh flowers! We have a few daffodils just starting to bloom now, and I’m so excited – cutting season has begun in VA!

  6. GASP! I love tulips! They are my very favorite flower. The Tulip Festival is held the first week of May not far from our home, millions of tulips are in bloom every year…it’s like heaven on earth ; ) Thanks for the great tips on ribbon storage.

  7. How beautiful. I am loving our tulips from Trader Joe’ s…but I have also started mini rosemary plants. I started them from clippings and potted them into mini peat pots for our Easter table. about $3 for table decoration, place settings and favors that our guests will be able to plant and enjoy year-round! Hope the sun is shining through your Windows today.

  8. A friend brought me fresh cut daffodils on Monday and it totally made my day.

  9. Thanks for sharing this easy Spring bundle of happiness. It’s going to be 30 degrees warmer than yesterday here in Massachusetts!
    Happy Almost Spring!

  10. Oh how pretty! I just did this not too long ago with pink tulips and a white ribbon. Yay for Mason Jars!

  11. Nothing says spring like a bunch of tulips – store bought or not. They just speak sunshine to me. Love the way you just plunked them in the mason jar, then made it yours with the ribbon.
    Happy Spring Day!

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