Tostadas with Mashed Pinto Beans

For the last 6 months I’ve been on a mission to teach my family how to eat up what’s in the fridge and pantry before running to the store so quickly. I’m teaching my kids how to be more resourceful with their cooking, food choices, and money. My oldest son is in college and he does his own grocery shopping, so hopefully “Mom’s Shopping Lesson” has taught him well.

One thing that totally makes sense when you’re out of meat, is to resort to beans!

They are a fantastic source of protein, and we always keep Bush’s Beans stocked on our shelves.

Food Ideas to add beans to:
Beans and Rice
Vegetarian Dishes
Pot Pie
Shepherd’s Pie

A simple recipe that is so tasty, and one that we can use garden veggies in, is to mash your own pinto beans and make tostadas.

Last week we had more kids over for dinner (summer is … feeding lots of kids), so I gave my daughter and niece the “mashing the beans” job. :)

Tostadas with Mashed Pinto Beans
Serves 4-6

2 cans Bush’s Pinto Beans, rinsed and drained
12 Crisp Tostada Shells
2 fresh limes
2 tsp. chili powder
Favorite taco toppings

Mash the beans on a plate with a fork. Add the beans to a bowl and add in the squeezed lime juice and chili powder; stir.

Spread the beans on crispy tortilla shells and then top with your favorite toppings, such as: Lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, olives, onions, chopped cilantro, sour cream and salsa.

What’s your favorite recipe that your kids make with beans?

10 comments on “Tostadas with Mashed Pinto Beans”

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  2. We put our can of beans in a small heated pan and mash them up with a potato masher, add a little water so the beans don’t stick to the pan. Add cheese to your warm beans and spread on your tostadas. Add any additional toppings. (My momma adds a little flour and oil to make her refried beans…I don’t know why but it makes them so yummy.)

    Cheesy beans are great if you have little ones, you don’t end up with more cheese on their plates and the floor because it’s melted in with the beans.

  3. Hi, thanks for sharing this original dish with your readers! The pictures and recipe are fab! So fun and healthy. I liked it so much that I shared it with my followers on I hope you’ll stop by and check out my Mexican food recipes blog! Have a great day, Maria

  4. Wow, years that I have not touched on beans. Just did not like it. Now because of these pictures, I want to try it again:)

  5. Okay I’m seriously jonesing for tacos right now…this looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Sandy :) I’m a new fan!

  6. Wow! That looks great…we are very guilty of running out to buy more…of anything.
    I will definitely try to empty the pantry more before running out.

  7. Yummy! that looks super yummy! Wow…what a comment, I think I’m tired! Have a great day!

  8. Yummy! that looks super yummy!

  9. Their go-to is bean and cheese quesadillas. They are easy to make and are packed with protein. Happy Monday!

  10. Sandy, I must say that we are very guilty of running to the grocery store before we check the pantry to see if there is something we can use to substitute for meat. I never thought of mashed beans – what a good idea!

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