I really cannot believe it’s the end of October. I think back to the first week of October one year ago when I was in NYC with my sisters, then home for a Harry & David blogging event, then off to Paws Up Ranch in Montana with Bush’s Beans. All within a week … it was a blast, but I can’t keep a schedule like that all the time. :)

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This autumn season has been much different. I’ve been inspired by the cooler weather, a very quiet house, the routine of school, soccer, slow-cooking in the crockpot, canning pear sauce and applesauce, reading magazines and pulling out cook books and getting inspired by this beautiful season that’s here!

When we did our kitchen remodel a few years ago, one thing I was frustrated with and had had a very poor system of in the past, was how to store my baking sheets and tall platters. They were out of control!

The cabinets were always a mess, because I used the “stacking” method.

I could never find what I was looking for.

My quick fix with the new kitchen was to add inexpensive dividers, which attach to the bottom of the cabinet; keeping the flat items upright and very easy to grab!

A quick fix, indeed! I also use it for large serving platters – all within easy reach!

1. Find a cupboard that works for the height of your pans or platters when they are standing up (you may need to remove a shelf).

2. Plot out where the items will go so you leave enough room for your larger pieces.

3. The racks screw to the bottom of the cupboard.

4. Load and store all of your flat baking pieces!

5. Save room for platters on the sides.

Mission accomplished. I now have the most organized baking section, and what I love the most about this space? It stays organized, unlike many other of my cabinets (and pantry … is it really time to organize my pantry again? A big fat YES!) :)

Baking season is HERE, and I couldn’t be more excited.

How do you store your baking pieces and large platters?

I bought my rack(s) at Home Depot (a few years back). They screw in to the bottom of the cabinet. Here’s a link to a similar product, called a tray divider. I’m sure anyone at Home Depot or Lowe’s could help you find the product.