How to Overcome Anxiety with Last Minute Guests

Our friends were coming for dinner, a last-minute invite.

I didn’t know what to make! Immediately my mind froze up. I couldn’t think what to make for dinner, and I became anxious.

Does this ever happen to you?

I’ve learned to take a different approach though, to anxiety. Instead of letting it creep in, I tell myself, I can do this.

I don’t let all the “what-ifs” start whirling around in my head, but try to focus on what is most important.

By the way, what is more important with last minute guests … the appearance of your house or the food you serve?

I’d say the food you’ll serve.

We have to remember that our guests are not coming to see our homes, they are coming for fellowship and to commune with us around the table.

I have to take my mind off of myself, and the state of my house. (And make sure one bathroom is clean and ready to go!)

Back to focusing on the food: This night I thought about the ingredients I had on hand, one being fresh ground lean turkey in the fridge. I always stock beans in the cupboard, and it doesn’t take too much time to whip up some brown rice on the stove.

I’ve been using Jeffrey Saad’s seasoning mix for about a year now and let me tell you, his Mexican Spice Blend is fantastic. Mix your meat, add the seasoning, add in the beans and rice and you have a beautiful enchilada mixture.

My daughter helped me.

I made green and red enchiladas (green sauce and red sauce – love Trader’s Joe’s enchilada sauce).

Two pans were plenty for the number of guests coming to dinner.

And we served with a fresh green salad.

Enchiladas are some of the easiest ingredients to keep on hand. I often make the meat/rice/beans mixture ahead of time and freeze it in Ziploc bags.

No excuses when last-minute company comes!

I’m usually prepared.

And I’ll usually talk myself out of being anxious right away, so I can center on the menu.

Do you struggle with anxiety when entertaining?

Friends, don’t forget to come back tomorrow because we’re giving away a brand new 7-quart Kitchen Aid Stand-Up Mixer! Can you believe it? One lucky winner. Just in time for the holidays!

15 comments on “How to Overcome Anxiety with Last Minute Guests”

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  3. Panic becomes a problem, known as a disorder, when these moments of high anxiety happen frequently or without just cause.
    You fear that you might lose your mind completely while with friends
    and family.

  4. I am more frazzles when I plan a big dinner and invite people over than when I have unexpected guests. Unexpected guests feel spontaneous and fun – I am proud of myself for letting go of my perfectionist tendendcies and enjoying the moment. For a planned dinner though my perfectionist tendencies sometime get the better of me and I am not fun to be around in the half hour before guests arrive. :-)

  5. Oh gosh! I am going to have to print this post and put it on my refrigerator so what when this very thing happens to me I can re-read your words of wisdom! Anxious when people are coming unexpected for dinner (or at any time!) yes (hand raised high!) that is me right here. Thank you for the encrouaging words!

  6. I usually never get anxious, but I do spin my wheels on what I should make. I will say Mexican food, or homemade pizza’s are two crowd pleasers!

  7. Hmmm, I usually just drink lots of wine.

    This is bad, I realize.

    (I need those enchis!)

  8. I don’t typically get “anxious” necessarily as maybe a bit “perturbed” because maybe I’ve already started dinner and I usually make just enough for us and I typically don’t have a lot of “extra” things in the fridge, freezer or cupboard to just “throw together”. If we have last minutes guests I usually am able to make it work. Sometimes I’m not quite sure how, but my hubby usually tries to give me a bit of a heads up and oftentimes the guest will ask what they can pick up at the store. I will often say bread or salad since both of those items can stretch a meal.

  9. We always have a couple of go to recipes for impromtu guests, and keep all the ingredients in our pantry and freezer. If unexpected guests do drop by they can always count on a hearty meal, but since we live 25 minutes from the nearest grocery store they may not get a dessert, LoL.

    My mom’s sister who is 86 and still lives on her own has always said. ” If you are coming to see me come anytime. But, if you are coming to see my house make an appointment” We have always tried to live by that rule.

    It is the relationships that we have with the PEOPLE in our lives, that matters, not how neat and tidy our home is.

    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  10. I used to have to have everything perfect. EVERYTHING. Then I broke my left leg and injured myself so badly that over a year and a half later I’m still walking with a cane.

    Now…I don’t believe this injury came about as the ‘reason’ for me to make some changes but I will tell you my entertaining style has certainly changed! First…I let people bring something, even if as simple as a salad. I used to do it all myself and I’ve learned to even live with bottled dressing! :)

    Next, I let them help prepare if there are things to do. Heck…they all sort of know now to cart the food to the dining room table so I can get a photo and are enjoying it!

    And last…yes, I will let them help clean up. And get stuff from the kitchen when we are outside or help me carry food from the grill back inside. And what big lesson have I learned from this exercise I wish had not happened? I’m much less tired and do enjoy company more. I’m not quite sure why I enjoyed it before as I was so exhausted I often barely remembered the event.

    So last minute plans are a breeze…my house is never a total wreck but I’ll have company without it being totally perfect either. I think win-win for sure!

  11. I used to have anxiety when unexpected guests would show up, but honestly, one time one of our friends stopped by randomly and she asked me ” are you frazzled with me stopping by” I said ” no please stay” she said ” Amy I will eat whatever you make, everything tastes so good and looks so good”. So from now on I just don’t worry I am confident in having enough at all times and that it will be delicious for everyone. I love your posts!!

  12. I totally get anxiety with last minute guests! But i love this post and ironically had last minute guests over on Saturday and ended up making enchiladas too ha ha.

  13. This is just what I needed to prep for those last minute guests! Thanks! Question: Does the rice freeze okay? I’d understood that rice couldn’t be frozen but I’m happy to hear that may be incorrect!!! =) Love your blog.

  14. If I’m not prepared for someone to be coming over, I definitely freak out a bit. If we we have people coming over, I usually want at least 24 hours notice so I can clean the areas of the house they’ll likely see, do my shopping and have our meal prepped. Thankfully it doesn’t happen too often that we have last minute guests — but when we do, they are certainly not going over my house with a fine-toothed comb.

    You’ve just got to do your best to make the areas you’ll be spending time look decent, forget about extra decorating and enjoy the evening!

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