How to Set Up for a Holiday Buffet in Small Spaces

When you serve a buffet you get to mingle and enjoy the people around you, and sit by the people you want to sit with. Many times buffet-style dinner means that there is no set table, and you sit around the living room, dining room, family room, even on the floor or on the stairs.

I love the casual feel.

Here are some ideas when you have a small space. You can pack in what you need … you really can! :)

Roll your linens and put them in an accessible place. (With a little bit of “pretty” on top, using fresh pommegranites.)

For me, a basic collection of versatile pieces and white dishes and platters are essential when it comes to entertaining.

Add warmth to the area with a simple candle.

Dollar Store glasses on an elegant serving tray. Drinks behind the glasses.

Bring out the white platters.

And white bowls and accent-colored dishes.

I don’t mess around much with fabric and stackable boxes underneath to add height. That look is just a little too “formal” for my simple home. Use pedestals and add your beautiful white dishes and bowls to bring height.

Have different sizes of plates.

The two-tier pedestal on the right can be easily used for small dessert bites.

Who needs BIG desserts when you’re serving a yummy Christmas buffet?

How will you be serving your Christmas meal this week? Buffet or a sit-down dinner?

Here’s an earlier post on setting up a Christmas buffet, that I wrote a few weeks ago.

9 comments on “How to Set Up for a Holiday Buffet in Small Spaces”

  1. What a beautiful setting! These days I am enjoying the simple settings as well. Our family is very casual and prefers it. We will be having hot oil fondue on Christmas Eve. It is always a fun time with good conversation.

  2. I’m going simple more often. With little grand children it’s important that we don’t have too much fuss. I’m thinking through some fun things to do as we sit around the table together. Great small space idea…so pretty too!

  3. Loved these tips! Thanks for sharing. :) Pinned this post this morning!!

  4. Wonderful ideas-
    Merry Christmas, and thanks for all your helpful idea this month.

  5. What a beautiful buffet Sandy! So bright and festive. I must say, having been a huge dish collector for years (running out of room!) I’m coming over to your way of thinking: that white is best and accent plates will make the look! I hope you and your family are enjoying a wonderful holiday week so far! Merry Christmas my friend!

  6. We are going buffet this year, very casual and relaxed. We tried it for Thanksgiving this year for the first time and were surprised it worked so well for our family!

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