When you serve a buffet you get to mingle and enjoy the people around you, and sit by the people you want to sit with. Many times buffet-style dinner means that there is no set table, and you sit around the living room, dining room, family room, even on the floor or on the stairs.

I love the casual feel.

Here are some ideas when you have a small space. You can pack in what you need … you really can! :)

Roll your linens and put them in an accessible place. (With a little bit of “pretty” on top, using fresh pommegranites.)

For me, a basic collection of versatile pieces and white dishes and platters are essential when it comes to entertaining.

Add warmth to the area with a simple candle.

Dollar Store glasses on an elegant serving tray. Drinks behind the glasses.

Bring out the white platters.

And white bowls and accent-colored dishes.

I don’t mess around much with fabric and stackable boxes underneath to add height. That look is just a little too “formal” for my simple home. Use pedestals and add your beautiful white dishes and bowls to bring height.

Have different sizes of plates.

The two-tier pedestal on the right can be easily used for small dessert bites.

Who needs BIG desserts when you’re serving a yummy Christmas buffet?

How will you be serving your Christmas meal this week? Buffet or a sit-down dinner?

Here’s an earlier post on setting up a Christmas buffet, that I wrote a few weeks ago.

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