The tradition of mailing out Christmas cards has changed in recent years, with the price of postage, but I still say there is nothing like going to the mailbox and bringing back a stack of cards.

To sit in your favorite place and to open them like precious gifts. (This is where I say thank you to card companies who do such a fabulous job on design, like Tiny Prints.)

I had just commented to my family that “we’re just not getting the cards this year,” like we have in the past.

But then 2 days straight there were about 8 pictures cards that came in the mail.

That’s 16 beautiful gifts from family and friends! And now more have rolled in …

Next year I have an idea of how I’ll display them, but for this year … smack-dab on the refrigerator where we can all enjoy.

On a sunny, wintery day I sat down and addressed each envelope.

It took time, but I actually enjoy writing out the names and thinking about each family.

Here are a few of our card pictures from the past. The boys.

And then their sister came along.

And then today.

Do you send snail-mail cards, email cards, Christmas letters … or how do you send a holiday greeting to your friends and family?

(Tiny Prints provided my cards but did not pay me to write this post today.)