How to Stock up on 4th of July Entertaining Supplies

It’s hard to believe that next week is the 4th of July, because the weather has been cold in Oregon! Brrr! It’s hard to get in the entertaining mood and think about entertaining outdoors when it’s rainy and chilly. But … I did pull out my tub of 4th supplies, which I keep up in the attic.

Every year I stock up for supplies at the Dollar Store for the next year.

It makes for easy entertaining, because all I have to do is invite the people and plan the menu, knowing I already have all the stuff.

For the 4th of July, I find shopping the Dollar Store to be very helpful, because it’s such a simple, easy holiday.

Colors: Red, white and blue
Theme: American flag
Dinnerware: Mix and match plastic, paper, and glass
Tablecloths: Plastic which you can reuse or toss
Who to invite: Friends, family, neighbors, those who don’t have a place to go to
Menu: Traditional American BBQ – make sure and delegate so you don’t have to do it all
Dessert: Homemade ice cream (a must!)

I bought 24 Melamine plates that I store in the tub, and use year after year. They are nice and big, perfect for adults and kids! Easy to wash up and store.

The Dollar Store always carries classy napkins, and each year is different as far as what kind of tablecloths are available. But even if they are plastic, they are $1 and easy to toss out when the night is over.

This year, I love the “geranium” or “red” plant theme.

Stick a flag into the soil. (Oops, flag upside down, I’ll fix for the “big day.”) :)

Add your Dollar goblets on a pretty red tray.

Silverware in a basket.

Now hopefully all of your family and friends are coming with food so you don’t have to do it all. :)

Do you save 4th of July entertaining supplies, or do you buy “new” every year?

13 comments on “How to Stock up on 4th of July Entertaining Supplies”

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  2. SO great! We are kindred spirits Sandy!

    I keep all my party decor in the attic too. Today on my to-do list? Get decorations down from the attic to see what I already have and then go to the Dollar Store to see if there is anything left there that would add nicely to my collection for this year.

    Then I saw your post! Haha! Love it!

    I do hope I get a chance to meet you one of these days – are you coming to Seattle in September for IFBC?

  3. I love how everything is set up! So pretty! I buy some new things each year but mainly use my “stock” haha

  4. I love your July 4th party ideas! Did you buy the melamine plates at the Dollar Store? Thanks!

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  7. I love the white melamine plates! You can use them for just about any event with an easy change of napkins and tablecloths.

  8. We buy some new and use some of what we have in the house. I always use either our blue or red cloth tableclothes but we use paper napkins for ease. Our everyday plates are blue and white and we have matching drinking glasses so we use those. We have red and white flowers in a big terra cotta pot for our centerpiece this year and plenty of small flags to tuck into flower boxes and planters.

  9. Love the dollar store! You just cant beat the deals.

  10. Nice that you have an attic to store everything in!!! We have white plates, square that we bought for our oldest son’s wedding rehersal dinner, yep at the dollar store. It was cheaper to buy em than rent em….. So we use these plates over and over…. lol, put a red table cloth on , cloth….. my wife are real re use it types…. and we change up the center piece each year….. this past week end my wife had a family reunion, so our house was full of guests. I bought a soup turrein? sp? anyway at a garage sale 2 years ago the lid was missing, It is in a blue and white delft pattern. So for the family reunion I bought Sunflowers, and some white mums and made a beautiful center piece for our dining room table for a brunch we hosted for Sherrie’s family, I must say it turned out beautiful!!! By next week it will be gone but then I am ” borrowing” your idea Sandy and putting in a couple of pots of red geraniums some spanish moss on the top to cover the pots and VIOLAA!!!! I have a new and beautiful center piece for 4th of July , just pop in some small American Flags and I am ready for the Bar B Que!!! As alway Sandy love your fast, affordable and easy entertaining ideas!!!!
    Blessing to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

  11. I love the melamine plate idea. I need to remember that.

  12. I like pretty napkins and always seem to have a supply! :) Just curious- did you know your flag in the plant is upside down?

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