Delicious strawberries in spring and summertime taste no better than just that … fresh and just picked. But if you’re looking for how to store fresh picked strawberries or how to freeze fresh strawberries, then read on. There are so many scrumptious recipes using fresh strawberries, but how do you keep them fresh?

How to Store Fresh Picked Strawberries

I write a lot about strawberries on my blog, because we grew them in a patch on the side of our house for years. If you have an abundance of berries, and wonder How to Store Fresh Picked Strawberries, I’m sharing my tips with you today. You may enjoy recipes like Strawberry Breakfast Yogurt Cake or Green Salad Recipe with Strawberries, Watermelon, and Cashews!

How to store fresh picked strawberries

I’m always asked, when it’s strawberry season, how to store fresh picked strawberries!

Here are a few tips for ripening and storing your fresh-picked berries:

1. It’s okay to not wash them right away.
2. You’ll want to refrigerate them. Don’t levave the for long on the counter (especially in the warmer months.)
3. Cover with plastic wrap; pierce for ventilation.

How to Store Strawberries

The color of a strawberry defines red; its flavor exemplifies sweetness. But if you can’t eat them all, can you harvest strawberries?

How long will strawberries last after picking them?

Strawberries will usually last for 2-3 days, and of course you always want to wash them before eating …

How to grow a strawberry patch

Our strawberry patch area on the side of the house was where the owners before us had their “mini garden” because it had the perfect sunlight.

When we put in 12 raised beds, we turned this area into our strawberry patch. It got plenty of sunshine, and there was nothing prettier than to walk out and see how the plants flowering beautifully. Which meant, the strawberries were going to be plentiful this year!

Seascape strawberry patch

I also write about how to plant Seascape strawberries, which are our favorite variety of berry.

I’m also sharing my tips, how to grow beautiful lettuce, if you are a lettuce lover and have a green thumb!

How to Store and Freeze Fresh Picked Strawberries

How to freeze fresh strawberries

Yes, you can freeze fresh strawberries.

  1. Remove the stems and caps, then wash and drain the fruit carefully.
  2. Do not soak in water, or the strawberry will lose nutrients and also flavor.
  3. Place berries in a single layer on towels to dry.
  4. To freeze whole strawberries, simply place in freezer containers or bags.

Also, if you’re looking for how to flash freeze or how to dehydrate strawberries, these are also great options with an abundance of strawberries!

EASY How to Store Fresh Picked Strawberries

My beautiful friends and I decided to do go on a little outing to a nearby park, along with our daughters. We brought a bowl of beautiful fresh fruit with us.

Berries and nuts and cheese make the perfect appetizer, but in our case, I left the cheese behind.

The hands dipped into the bowl and the giant berries were soon no more.

Enjoying Fresh Strawberries

I love this time of year, when we are so blessed with amazing fruit and veggies!

Lithia Park Ashland

Are you as ready as I am for a glorious strawberry season?

How to Store and Freeze Fresh Picked Strawberries

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