How to Wipe Sharpie Markers Off of Wine Glasses

Will the Sharpie wash off?

That’s always the question we get asked when our guests come for dinner, as we pull out the Sharpie markers and start writing their names on glasses.

We’ve done it for years. Instead of the annoying wine charms (sorry, but some really are a pain to get on and off of the glasses), we’ve resorted to using Sharpie markers to identify each person’s glass.

Use different colors.

For holidays (like Valentine’s Day) why not create your own festivity?

Glasses will never get mixed among your guests.

They can do their own writing and creating.

And best of all, it really does come off!

By the end of your party, you’re probably not wanting to sit there and wipe off a bunch of wine glasses. So instead, wash your glasses as usual in the dishwasher. Then the next time you have some free time, follow this process for removing the markings/writing from the glasses…….

How to wipe Sharpie marker writing off of glasses:

1. Take another Sharpie marker and write over the top of the wording on the glass.

2. While the ink is wet, immediately wipe off the writing with a paper towel or tissue.

The point is, no need to use rubbing alcohol or anything – the ink comes right off!

Sharpies remove Sharpie markings!

It was our nephew Josh, who’s an electrician, who taught us that trick. :)

Do you ever use wine charms, or what’s your secret for keeping glasses straight among your guests when entertaining?

30 comments on “How to Wipe Sharpie Markers Off of Wine Glasses”

  1. I was excited to try this and found that it did work- sorta. The problem was that my glass plates are textured, so when I wrote over the original sharpie and quickly rubbed it off, it only took part of the sharpie off and left some in the crevices. I will try this on smooth glass- thanks for the tip!

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  5. I could not be more excited by this advice! Thank you so much!! My 3 year drew all over my new flat screen TV tonight with a black sharpie. :( I drew over his work with the sharpie and rubbed it off right afterwards with a dried Clorox wipe (moistened with saliva) and it worked perfectly. Yay!!!

  6. I used to write in Sharpie on my moms car windows, then use a Dry Erase Marker over it and wiped it off even after it dried. It was pretty funny. Except, after a while the Marker would start acting like a Sharpie if you didn’t get a new Dry Erase.

  7. We love using sharpies on champagne and wine glasses, but I didn’t realize it was that easy to remove, thanks.

  8. Great idea, Sandy! I shared this on Face Book too. I’ll never have to mess with those silly charms again. :)

  9. WHAT. a great idea!! I really do not care for those wine charms, but I do enjoy my wine ;) I love the sharpie idea, especially because I LOVE sharpies and have a zillion colors!

    now I need a reason to have a wine party… wait, no I don’t ;)

  10. This post comes at the perfect time!!! I was just wondering if I could use sharpie on mason jars when I entertain next month! Thanks for the tip!

  11. What a great tip! So adorable!

  12. You are so smart!! I love these little life lessons from Sandy each week. :)

  13. I love this idea! I like the “idea” of charms but never can seem to keep a set. Plus, they are usually sold in sets of six which means that you either have to mix and match them (I’m one of those gals who likes things to match) or buy multiple sets if you’re having a larger party.

    Magic Erasers will also take the Sharpie off, too. While I hadn’t thought to use one on a glass, I sometimes write on the edge of my baking dishes to identify what the contents are.

  14. Fun! I love how you can just write on the glasses. I use wine charms for smaller gatherings, and a variety of colored curling ribbon that wraps around the stem when there are more people. I have LOTS of curling ribbon. ;)

  15. What a great tip! I had no idea. Now, I have a question, do you happen to know if this works on porcelain as well? I was plain white coffee mugs??? Love the “creative design” idea.

  16. I love this idea Sandy! While I love the little wine charms…I always loose them and can usually only find 2 when it comes time for the actual party. :)

  17. I use charms but I always forget which charm is mine – especially after a glass or two of wine. :)

    • Me too! My friends joke that we need a matching bracelet or ring so we’d remember which charm we had but we know we’d leave the party with them and the set would be forever broken.

      I LOVE this tip. We use Sharpies at all our kid parties or bbq’s but that is on plastic/paper cups. Being able to write a name on a wine glass is brilliant.

  18. So smart! I love all of your tips and ideas!

  19. What a brilliant idea. Is your electrician nephew married? I might throw my brainiac under the bus for him. :-D That’s a lie. I would never give him up. He’s my one and only.

  20. I had no idea! I love this, Sandy!

  21. I’ve used wine charms a couple times – especially when the person who gave them to me was here! :) I think they’re cute, but unless you look hard, it can be difficult to see what the little charm is. Too easy to pick up something similar.

    I’ve also tied a ribbon at the base of the stem. I have dozens of ribbons, so usually everyone can have something different. Or strips of different patterned papers wrapped around the stems into flags and secured with double-sided tape.

    Love the Sharpie idea! We always have those around!

  22. I did not know this, and I like this tip and the suggestions of using rubbing alcohol, too! I dispise those annoying wine charms, so I am happy to know about the sharpies. If I am hosting a casual gathering, I often put out a mix of diffferent glasses, assorted colors, etc., so everyone has a different glass!

  23. Sandy-

    Rubbing alcohol removes sharpie from glass quite easily. If you’re going to rub hard, you can just use soap and water to remove the sharpie as well.

    • Hi, Nora. I actually removed that sentence because it does come right off when you write over it. Yeah! Easy! :)

  24. Try putting some rubbing alcohol on a paper towel and rubbing the Sharpie marks with the paper towel… Should come right off!

    • Thanks Bettie. No need for the rubbing alcohol, the point is – just grab another Sharpie! It comes right off – easy! :)

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