Are you looking for tips on How to Plan A Valentines Day Dinner with Menu and Party Games? Look no further, with fun ideas and recipes and a night of fun with your favorite friends! Enjoy all the LOVE in the air!

A few years ago we went to our friend’s home on Valentine’s Day, because we were invited, we’d never had dinner with other couples before on Valentine’s Day, and it sounded like fun. [Serve this Valentine’s Day Dessert Board – above, and get the board!]

It was good to break the traditional mold of dinner together as a couple, and to try something new. We met for the first time 2 new couples and had a lovely meal together.

This post is about How to Plan A Valentines Day Dinner with Menu and Party Games. It’s especially fun with a few games around the table, to get to know your guests better.

It’s fun to change-up Valentine’s Day and to try something new!

Be prepared to intentionally mix up the group of people, and plan to have a great time!

Plan A Valentines Day Dinner with Menu and Party Games

DIY flowers
There’s always The Penny Game to play if you’re in a pinch
Order a cake, or go to your favorite bakery for dessert, if you don’t have time to bake, and personalize it
Don’t forget the {red} Sharpie Marker for the glasses
Classical music playlist from Rhapsody
Or, download the Valentine’s Day playlist from Martha Stewart (you must have iTunes)

APPETIZER: Goat Cheese Bites and Strawberry Bruschetta

APPETIZER GAME: Don’t Forget the Lyrics
ITEMS NEEDED: pens, paper, basket or a bowl.

As your guests start arriving, pass out drinks and mingle around the appetizers for about 20 minutes, and then round up the group!

To start the game off, have everyone in your group write down words that have to do with relationships and love on slips of paper (one word per slip). Put these into a basket.

IE: love, hearts, lovely, sweet, sweetheart …

Now divide your guests into teams. The first team picks out a slip of paper and has to sing a known song with that word in it (they have at least sing the line of the song with the word in it). Note that it’s ok to try to fake it,– but if the other team calls you on it (you can check authenticity of lyrics on computer or iPHone), and they’re correct, they win the point. (My husband would be guilty of this.) :)

Otherwise, keep going back and forth until a team can’t think of a song to use, meaning the other team wins a point.

It really gets the party going!

SALAD: Pear, Cheese & Hazelnut Green Salad (sprinkle dried cherries on top for a touch of red!)

GAME: Ask a LOVE Question

It’s time to bring it down, join around the table for a great meal ahead. This is the time to really get to know your guests – and have fun with them.

Ask this question: Tell us how you met and when you knew you were first in love?

MAIN DISH: Cornish Game Hens

Side ideas: Carrot Souffle’ or Pesto Baked Potatoes

Veggie ideas: Roasted asparagus

GAME: Ask a LOVE Question

Now for the main dish, asking another question is a great way to keep the lively conversation and laughter going. During the sit-down meal of a party, you don’t want to play games where you’re jumping up and down.

Bring it down … and get ready to laugh.

Ask this question: Tell us about your first French kiss together as a couple. Where were you?

Cherry Crunch Dessert

DESSERT: Cherry Crunch Dessert – bake in individual ramekins and serve with premium Vanilla ice cream

GAME: Rhyme in Time Party Game
ITEMS NEEDED: pens, 2 index cards per person

Dessert is a great time to move into a different room in the house. Changing things up gets everyone on their feet, a little break to use the restroom, and adds an element of surprise for the next course.

For this game you will need two index cards per person. On one set of cards you write words that represent the realistic side of relationships (bad morning breath, grumpy, never pick your underwear up, etc.). On the other set of cards write passionate or romantic words (best kisser, candlelight dinners for two, dancing under the stars, etc.).

Each person picks one card from each set at random and has to either write a poem or story (or whatever you want– a little song, act out a scene, even perform a charade) based on those two images together. Go around the room and read the results out loud (or watch the performances).

If you have a piano, you can add this game in or substitute one of the above! But you’ll need to find someone in the group who can plink out the tunes …

This game can be so fun and also interactive!

EXTRA COURSE? Love Song Challenge
ITEMS NEEDED: piano, pre-planned tunes written out.

For this you’ll need someone who can play the piano and plink out the tunes (wedding songs are good for this– the cheesier the better!). Just like Name that Tune, you want him/her to play just a little bit of each song and have people guess the title (bonus points if they know the recording artist or group).

Gifts for the winners: You don’t have to give a gift to each winner, but it adds an element of class to the party. Small coffee gift cards or coffee beans are one idea, how about fresh flowers, a bottle of wine, dinner party napkins, kitchen candles or towels, … let your imagination roll :)

Have you considered hosting a Valentine’s Day dinner party? Can you think of 3-5 couples that would make it spicy, interactive, and fun?