Decorations in January that make you HAPPY!

January Decorations

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of taking down Christmas! Of course, Christmas continues to live in our hearts each and every day, but it feels so good to put away the “glitz and glamour” of Christmas decorations, cleaning and opening back up the living space in our home.

But what decorations exactly are “legit” in the month of January?

Really, it’s up to you! There’s no right or wrong, and my thinking is, don’t worry about what other people think.

January Decorations

Some decorations I’m not ready to put away, like greenery, lights, pine cones, candles, and wreaths.

And the snowmen.

They’re still so wintry, and it’s hard to let go of the beautiful holiday season.

I tend to leave up natural colors, such as green and browns, but I put away the REDS (tree, ornaments, and true Christmas glitz).

I had a hard time putting this 3-letter word away, currently sitting on our front porch. It really makes me happy!

January Decorations

My idea is to leave up whatever makes you happy in the month of January!

January Decorations

Here’s a look at holiday decor that is classy, versatile, traditional, and goes perfectly with January and other winter months:





January Decorations

Words with meaning, no matter what the season.

Because before we know it, we’ll be bringing out SPRING!

When do you typically put all of your Christmas items away? Do you ever leave a few up?

16 comments on “Decorations in January that make you HAPPY!”

  1. I also love a little snowman and can’t put him away until the end of January; I recreated a little wood with pine branches and cones and just placed it in the middle…he’s so cute!

    Lots of love and good luck for the New Year!

    Val from Italy

  2. I love the natural elements of the season – fir boughs, forced bulbs, pine cones, bowls of citrus – combined with fresh candles and snowflake-themed mugs and etched glasses. These items hang around until spring things crowd them out… well, fresh flowers & greens are ongoing seasonal necessities so replacements keep rolling in.

  3. I agree, every year, I leave more and more Christmas items around all year. At this time of year, I am all about bowls of fruit, paperwhite bulbs and spicy candles and incense to chase away the winter doldrums!!

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  6. I love the sign, J O Y, what a great find! I still have twinkle lights up, but all of the Christmas things get put away this week after Epiphany. I like to leave some red and white out (milk glass and red candles) since valentines day is just around the corner at this point. Happy New Year!

  7. I leave my large collection of snow people out all year.

  8. I received 3 beautiful glass candle holders as a Christmas gift this year. They are so pretty on my table I can’t put them away. Although I did exchange the red candles for green!

  9. It would be hard for me to put away that adorable JOY decoration, too! That’s my word right now… as I want to focus on more joy for myself and helping others experience joy. Miss you lady!


  11. It’s good to know I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to put everything away right after Christmas. I did take down our tree since we have a real one. I also put away the obvious Christmas things like my crèche and Santas but I’m just not ready to have it all gone. Even though we live in sunny Fl. it still seems so dark at night without some lights around. I’ve left my mantel decorations up since it is a large wooded goose with lighted pine garland and a few pinecones and mini pine trees – all artificial of course. I also left my grapevine wreath with pine, red berries and bow on the door. Then I have a set of 6 electric candles of various heights on a shelf above our TV with some little wooden houses stuck in around them that I’m leaving up to give some additional light. I agree that you should do what makes you happy so those things are staying up for a few more weeks. I love the mini white lights and keep some on my mantel year round just with different accessories.

  12. I agree! My Christmas glitz came down yesterday, and I have that perennial feeling of, “wow my house is so spacious!” haha… A little cleaning is in order still, but I feel like leaving some of the neutral wintry stuff up, plus a few strands of white lights. Great quote about happiness, by the way. Just lovely. Happy New year Sandy! xoxo Love from Oklahoma!

  13. I just took everything down on Saturday. I thought about leaving a few things up, but most of what I had said “christmas” though not literally…I think I need to invest in more “winter” decor since sometimes winter can be a bit wet and gloomy. I did leave greens up outside.

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