When my blogging friend Lisa reminded me of this amazing, super-easy sauce to make, I decided to make up a large batch, store it in cute jars, and bring as hostess gifts to our holiday dinner engagements. (Double the recipe for 6 half-pint jars.)

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It’s a perfect gift for this time of year, especially with the abundance of fresh cranberries!

The name is funny … who was Jezebel? A wicked biblical leader.

I can see why this sauce is named after her. It has a “kick” to it.

The cranberry sauce is good, stored in the fridge for 2 weeks, and it can be served many ways:

With turkey.
On bagels with cream cheese.
On panini sandwiches.
On cream cheese, as an appetizer.
Brie tartlettes.
Brie topped with brown sugar, hazelnuts, and the sauce on top.
Serve on roast chicken, pork, or lamb.
Pair with goat cheese and crackers.

The list goes on and on.

Even the picky eaters will find their favorite way to eat Jezebel Cranberry Sauce.


I love to hear from readers so please come back and tell me if you made the sauce, and what you plan to do with it?

What’s you’re favorite way to serve cranberry sauce?

If this is too “hot” for you, try my Killer Cranberry Sauce (with orange zest).


Recipe: Jezebel Cranberry Sauce {ReluctantEntertainer.com}

Summary: Cranberry sauce with a kick!


  • 1 cup water
  • ½ cup sugar
  • ½ cup brown sugar
  • 12 oz. fresh cranberries
  • 3 tablespoons horseradish sauce
  • 1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard


  1. Add first 4 ingredients together and cook for 10 minutes on low boil.
  2. Stir well.
  3. Let cool.
  4. Add 3 tablespoons horseradish sauce and 1 tablespoon Dijon Mustard.
  5. Store in glass jars for up to 2 weeks..

Preparation time: 5 minute(s)

Cooking time: 10 minute(s)

Number of servings (yield): 8