In less than it takes to wash up your Thanksgiving Day pots and pans, you can create your Thanksgiving tabletop with the freshly fallen leaves in your neighborhood.

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Actually, making the centerpiece is one of my favorite things to do for a holiday. :)

If you have a family, or kids who can head outside to gather the leaves, or who can find any outdoor elements, I’m a big proponent of letting the kids make the centerpiece.

But if you don’t, and you want a quick inexpensive accent to your table, here’s what to do.

The morning of Thanksgiving Day … take a walk.

How to make a fresh leaf centerpiece:

1. Head to the outdoors and find your favorite colors of leaves.

2. Gather the leaves in a large basket.

3. Bring back the leaves and lay out on newspaper, or on the kitchen counter or table; somewhere where you can take a paper towel and dry them.

4. In a large clear glass vase, put something tall in the center (that will hold a candle) and fill in the pliable leaves around the outside. (I turned a glass upside down.)

5. Place your candle on top.

6. Use the rest of the leaves as coasters for the water glasses.

7. Accent your table with the rest of the leaves.

It’s easy, inexpensive, and you for sure want to gather the leaves the “day of” so they don’t dry out, crack or break.

Last year I shared about bringing the elements in, and placing them in a canning jar.

What are your plans for your Thanksgiving table this week?