Leftover BBQ Hamburger Crostini

At our last barbecue, we hosted a large group. We ate burgers and fresh salads, watermelon and brownies, and trifle for dessert.

It was the simplest menu, but yet so tasty.

I took all the leftover hamburger toppings and put them in Ziploc bags. You know … onions, pickles, lettuce and tomatoes.

The next night we were hosting again, but this time just a small group.

I always delegate the menu, so this time I was making the appetizers and our friends were doing dessert. (We usually make the main dish, except in this situation).

I grabbed the bag of leftover hamburger goods, whipped up some crostini, and made “Leftover Hamburger BBQ Crostini.”

-Tiny bit of mustard




-Tiny slices of onion

So tasty – SAVORY!

And we served these on the other side – SWEET!

Feta, golden raspberry jam; garnished with fresh cherries.

I love using what we have on hand.

And using up the leftovers!

What’s your creative way of reusing what you have on hand for appetizers?

4 comments on “Leftover BBQ Hamburger Crostini”

  1. This might be the most creative use of leftovers ever. I love is Sandy!

  2. This is such a great idea for burger leftovers! I never know how to use them!

  3. What a great idea for your burger leftovers. Your photos are gorgeous, Sandy!

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