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Autumn is often about new beginnings and fresh starts.

It’s also a season where one can experience change within your goals, habits, health, schedules … or even decor!

It’s easy and inexpensive to give a room a seasonal feel, like we just experienced as we changed the paint on our bedroom walls and bought a new IKEA bedspread.

When we moved into our home 7 years ago we wanted something cheery and bright for our room, and a color that would go with the pool outside our bedroom slider (one day to be French doors).

After seven years with the same color (blue) … it was time to change it up.

We used Behr paint, the color Bazaar.

We bought a new duvet cover at IKEA.

Used all existing furniture.

Framed some of our own photography. Kids on the beach.

And their “feetsies” last year at Pacific City, OR.

Used older pics of the kids.

Added in a new accent color. (Reused pillows from upstairs bedroom.)

Something inspirational on the wall. (Thank you TJ Maxx.)

A fresh new journal by the bed. (Thank you, Kristen.)

Inspired colors for Autumn.

One gallon of paint + one new bedspread.

From this.

To this.

When you walk into our bedroom, our Autumn mini-makeover gives off such a warm and cozy feel to the room. Which to me is very inspiring …

When’s the last time you freshened up your bedroom?

Day 1. Autumn.
Day 2. Health.
Day 3. Entertaining.
Day 4. Sunshine.
Day 5. Fresh.