Day 5. Fresh. Mini Bedroom Redux.


Autumn is often about new beginnings and fresh starts.

It’s also a season where one can experience change within your goals, habits, health, schedules … or even decor!

It’s easy and inexpensive to give a room a seasonal feel, like we just experienced as we changed the paint on our bedroom walls and bought a new IKEA bedspread.

When we moved into our home 7 years ago we wanted something cheery and bright for our room, and a color that would go with the pool outside our bedroom slider (one day to be French doors).

After seven years with the same color (blue) … it was time to change it up.

We used Behr paint, the color Bazaar.

We bought a new duvet cover at IKEA.

Used all existing furniture.

Framed some of our own photography. Kids on the beach.

And their “feetsies” last year at Pacific City, OR.

Used older pics of the kids.

Added in a new accent color. (Reused pillows from upstairs bedroom.)

Something inspirational on the wall. (Thank you TJ Maxx.)

A fresh new journal by the bed. (Thank you, Kristen.)

Inspired colors for Autumn.

One gallon of paint + one new bedspread.

From this.

To this.

When you walk into our bedroom, our Autumn mini-makeover gives off such a warm and cozy feel to the room. Which to me is very inspiring …

When’s the last time you freshened up your bedroom?

Day 1. Autumn.
Day 2. Health.
Day 3. Entertaining.
Day 4. Sunshine.
Day 5. Fresh.

15 comments on “Day 5. Fresh. Mini Bedroom Redux.”

  1. Oh my gosh Sandy when I read this I began to laugh…… you see Sherrie and I moved into our house 7 years ago too, and yep it is time to “freshen” up with paint and repurposed items from around out house too. We started in our family room and are moving through the house, next is the living room and dining room, then to our Master Bedroom…. the part that was funny to me is that we are changing our bedroom color to …..yep you guessed it BLUE……. and we found our comforter and a few pictures at …… yep TJ Maxx……. Change is good no matter what the Season is!!!
    Blessings to you and yours
    Curtis & Sherrie

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  3. What a great rug! This rooms looks great. Out of curiosity- since I’m not much of a decorator- did you start with the rug or the wall paint (as an inspiration)?

    • oops, meant to say duvet cover. I think i was thinking that it’d be a great rug too. Too much on my mind, it’s Thursday! =)

      Sorry for the confusion- just got to ay that it’s a greatly decorated room!

  4. Your bedroom looks beautiful and very restful. Love it!

  5. Like the colors of your redo! I try to change things up a little with the changing of the seasons . I’m married to Mr. Neutral Paint, so the wall colors don’t vary often but I change things up with accessories, bedding, and small “pops ” of color. Love this series, Sandy!

  6. Please come decorate our home!

  7. How do I love that wall color? Let me count the ways… Would you be my bedroom redo guru? Go ahead. Say that fast five times. ;-)

    Beautifully done. I feel joy just looking at it.

  8. The last time I freshened up the bedroom…hmmmm…not since we moved in. Yikes. I have a bunch of little paint projects lined up for fall that equal one big job! Love your mini makeover, especially the b&w photos of the kids. :)

  9. I love it! I have been wanting to change the color in our master as well. I had this “great” {insert “boring”} idea to paint most of the house the same color of light tan. I’m regretting it now! Love the duvet from IKEA. That place is the apple of my eye!

    Great post Sandy!!

  10. How beautiful, Sandy! I come here for inspiration (food, friendship, entertaining) everyday, and you never dissapoint! I love the simplicity of your style-understated and yet always so classy. Your bedroom “re-do” is gorgeous!

  11. I love turquoise accents, my favorite color!

  12. Love that color and duvet cover, Sandy! Really enjoying this series, too. :)

  13. What a great color palette you have used. My bedroom could definitely stand a re-do.


  14. Love this colour, Sandy. So warm and inviting. And it works so well with the teal and blue accents.

    My bedroom? Haven’t made it to the second floor with my redecorating yet – still working on the main floor. But when I do, it will be BM muslin – used it in the last house and we loved it’s cool calm linen colour.

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