Holiday Card $200 Minted Giveaway

Happy Holidays! It’s time for our annual Holiday Card $200 Minted Giveaway! Order your cards, and check out our Minted Family Photos 2017 with our new pup, Alder! This post is sponsored by Minted. Contest closed, winner has been notified.

Minted Family Photos 2017Friends, it’s time to start prepping for the holiday season, and planning your holiday card!

Before Abby left for college, we got a quick photo session squeezed in, for our 2017 Christmas card!

Our woodpile is symbolic of our enjoyment of mountain living, and how our family loves “manual” labor. We feel lucky to have our boys enjoy splitting wood, keeping our supply inside stacked and ready! Not to mention, we love our Vermont Castings wood stove.

So in celebration of the wood pile, and our new puppy, Alder (who’s 6 months next week), and Haggis, who is still “top dog” and going on 14 now, this is our holiday card for 2017.

Minted Family Photos 2017

There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute for holiday card-making. It adds stress on you, your family, and to be honest … I hate a tight deadline. I also really like to take my time when addressing the envelopes, thinking about the people we are sending to.

Maybe sitting by the fire, sipping on a cup of tea, and listening to Christmas music.

It wasn’t too hard to choose a simple card, and a beautiful envelope.

Minted Family Photos 2017

And custom stamps!

Love the printed return address, on the envelopes, the recycled paper that you can choose, your choice of corners (rounded, squared, scalloped) …

Minted has SO many wonderful Christmas cards to choose from, and they make ordering super easy.

They also have fabulous gifts for everyone on your list, and I love their art selection!

Minted Family Photos 2017

We chose a beautiful 8×10 gift to give to my Dad and Ginny!

$200 Giveaway – enter/comment to win

I’m excited to share a $200 Minted giveaway with all my readers today!

It is the most wondereful time of the year, so ENTER by commenting on this post!

LEAVE A COMMENT: What family photo will you be using for your holiday card this year?

Contest closed, winner has been notified. Contest ends 11/27/17 at midnight. Winner will be contacted by email. This will be a ONE TIME promo, and must be redeemed in one transaction. This includes standard ground shipping. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or promotions.

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164 comments on “Holiday Card $200 Minted Giveaway”

  1. I would use the picture of the family camping this past summer.
    Thanks for the chance :) jslbrown2009 at aol dot com

  2. I’m taking our family card photo this weekend! Hoping for the best with 3 year old and 1 year old boys! :)

  3. I’m using a picture of my dogs.

  4.  New baby, so it seems pretty natural to send him out to everyone. 

  5. I’ll be taking a picture of the kids in the next week or so in front of our tree. It’s tradition!

  6. Just had a baby girl in July. Our picture will definitely be one of her and her two big brothers.

  7. I would use the picture of our whole family in front of our dream house we just bought!!! 

  8. We will be using a family photo from the vacation we took to the mountains this fall.

  9. We will be using a photo that I hope will be taken over Thanksgiving :) 

  10. I’ll be using my first family Christmas card photo! So excited!

  11. We had family photos taken a couple of weeks ago for our card. We usually throw a couple candid ones from the year on the back as well.

  12. A photographer friend of mine is going to take our family photo at a beach near our house for our Christmas photo this year. Cheers and happy holidays! xoxo

  13. I have a picture of my daughters wearing Christmas pajamas that I’d like to use.

  14. One of our family together in the city taken this past summer.
    Chicago, IL

  15. Our photo will be of us cutting down our Christmas tree…

  16. A friend took some great photos of us in a local park at the peak of autumn, and I love them! It will be hard to pick which one, but at least I’m not scrambling for a photo this year ;)

  17. What an amazing giveaway! I love the addition of pets in a photo, it is the sweetest! Our dog is huge and kind of a doofus (in the most loving way) but would definitely not be photographable like this hahah. We took some family pictures this fall at a local park since we just had our second baby boy in july and wanted some portraits before it got too cold. If i won I would definitely use one of those! 

  18. We would send out some family portraits. I love Minted’s cards. They always have the most unique designs.

  19. We will be using a photo from a vacation we took a few months ago!

  20. One from a Colorado vacation!

  21. I would love to do a family photo of our daughter, son-in-law, beautiful grandchildren and proud grandparents!! ❤️

  22. We just did our family photos with our photographer this week, so I’m actually not sure yet! I can’t wait to see the shots she got! Thanks to you and Minted for the opportunity!

  23. I will use a photo of my 2 kids that I took on a nature trail.

  24. I’ll use our Thanksgiving photo in Wimberley, Texas……it’s the only time that all of our family is together!

  25. This has been a rough year, but we are so grateful to be alive in an age where medical miracles happen every day. I have recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and am undergoing chemo. I’m thinking of using a picture of a chemo day with my husband and daughter at my side, showing that we choose joy. I have used Minted before and have been very, very happy with them. Thank you for this great opportunity.

  26. Great family photo, Sandy! Happy Thanksgiving!

  27. We took some Fall photos this year that turned out amazing! Everyone was actually looking ahead and smiling.

  28. We’ll be using a photo of our two dogs. They are the cutest and in this particular photo they have Christmas scarves on.

  29. Love that photo above!!! We’ll be using a similar photo except we only have one puppy and one child.

  30. We actually just took our photos this weekend for Holiday cards. I’m hoping to get the proofs next weekend. Not quite sure of the exact photo but it will include myself, the hubster and our two children. I’m sure one crawling all over the leaves :) and the other one sticking their tongue out at the camera.

  31. A photo from vacation early this year!

  32. I am planning on using a photo that we take next week when we cut down our tree. Hopefully we’ll get a good one!

  33. With 15 in our family now and everyone busy, we are trying to get a shot of us with our 7 grandchildren to use. We are taking them all toy shopping next Sunday for the toy drive and then out to dinner afterwards. Hoping for a group shot of us all then to use. Love your family pic!

  34. family photo that includes two new son- in -laws.

  35. We will do our family photo at thanksgiving this week to use for our Christmas card. And your family photo is darling!  Happy holidays!

  36. We ran a few 5k races as a family this year and our daughter got engaged, so I think I will use a small collage of photos of fun things that happened this year. You have a beautiful family Sandy! Lovely photos and card!

  37. If I can get my three dogs together, I would want to send out that type of photo to family and friends. Love yours !!

  38. We had some family photos taken this fall – I think we have a winner in there!! 

  39. We have photos of our kids with the cutest Santa ever….all in their jammies!

  40. The dogs, the ferrets, the cat. And everyone else, of course!

  41. One that was taken this summer in the hills of Charlottesville, VA.  And our pup will absolutely be in the photo ❤️

  42. I think I’ll use a throwback pic of us kids in front of the tree.

  43. i am using our family vacation photo it is so funny to lighten the spirts

  44. We had a family pic taken this summer and haven’t had a chance to do anything with them yet, thanks for chance to win.

  45. Definitely a photo from our engagement this fall!

  46. Hoping to take a family pic at Thanksgiving. I was hoping to get one during Pumpkin Patch season (my SIL’s family owns a pumpkin patch and had some neat photo ops), but we were all working it and by the end of the day too tired and a few too dirty to pose for a pic…lol.

  47. We are using the photo of the family at Disney World this fall. The picture turned out just perfect and it’s one of our favorites.

  48. Don’t know yet

  49. Husband and I just took photos yesterday on the edge of downtown Fort Worth! Skyline is in the background and it’s gorgeous golden hour! We can’t wait to use these photos for our holiday card and frame them around the house!

  50. We hope to get one at Thanksgiving when most all of us will be together. Beautiful pic of your family in Central Oregon… from ours in Beaverton!

  51. You have such a beautiful family! We also took a quick family picture this fall that I hope to use for a Christmas card this year. Would definitely like to use minted!

  52. I have a wonderful pic of the kids swimming and camping along the upper Deschutes this past summer.

  53. Ah, the photo for this year, very good question. For our 2016 card I actually sent a Happy New Year 2017 instead. I am thinking of doing the same this year. This gives our friends something fun for January or maybe this is really the ultimate procrastination method ;-)

  54. I would use a family photo taken while my Mom was here for a visit.
    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  55. It is so hard to get family photos once some of your kids graduate!   Luckily we snapped one in the spring so that will be our card!    

  56. We already have a pic of us wit our out-of-town granddaughter, now we need one with our in-town grandsons!

  57. I would use the picture we’re going to take on Thanksgiving because I keep forgetting to take a picture every time we’re together! 😅

  58. Shots from a family zip line adventure earlier this year!

  59. I used to put my daughter’s school picture inside our Christmas cards. Now that she’s an adult I haven’t used any photos. I think it would be nice if we all took a family photo and used it!😊

  60. I bought the kids (adults now) matching Christmas PJ’s and hoping they will amuse me for a funny picture while they are home for Thanksgiving😊

  61. We will probably use a family photo from our summer vacation in Gatlinburg, TN. 

  62. We always take our picture over the Thanksgiving weekend!

  63. Beach picture of my boys!

  64. Love minted!! We just got our pictures done, time to get them printed!

  65. I’m using a photo from last February when snow was falling in the evening, and my husband, my daughter, and I were out for a winter walk. We’re suited up in hats and big jackets and snowflakes are falling everywhere in the picture. It will always be one of my favorites as our baby girl is now a college student. Plus, our family in California always gets a kick out of our chilly seasons! 

  66. My darling husband and our precious fur babies out by my parents lake in south Florida. Tropical and lush. 

  67. Our son got married in July and I have a great picture of the entire family that will be used.

  68. We had our first ever professional family photos taken a few weeks ago. We will be using those! Plus adding a newborn photo of baby to double as a birth announcement (because I forgot to do birth announcements, poor second child)!

  69. How great it is this! I literally just told my husband this morning that we need to take our picture on Wednesday morning when the lighting is perfect. The picture hasn’t been taken yet but the scene is set. Hubby, son, myself and the dog on our dock with the gorgeous lake view behind us. It’s our little piece of heaven. Thank you for the contest!

  70. Love your 2017 pic — we would use a picture of the family we just posed for during parent’s weekend when we went to visit our daughter at the University of Virginia.

  71. I am hoping to get some family pics taken for Christmas cards in the next few weeks.

  72. What a great family picture; you all look so happy.  We’ll be using a photograph from our family vacation to Ireland this past summer.  We made an unplanned hike up the Gap of Dunloe (outside of Killarney), and it turned out to be our favorite day of the year! Great memories–

  73. We’re using a photo of just the kids this year.

  74. We had family photos taken last year, so we will probably use one of those for our Christmas card this year! :)

  75. would love to win this! we are using a family fall pic in our new home!! thanks so much!!

  76. We haven’t taken the picture of the kids’ for the Christmas card yet. We plan to do on December 2nd and use that photo for the cards.

  77. I would use a lovely picture of my children and cats.

  78. I’m not sure but it will definitely include our dog!

  79. Just had our pictures taken last week – easier said than done with two toddlers and an infant! hopefully one will turn out!

  80. I would use the photo of us on top of Cadillac Mountain on Mount Desert Island this summer, hiking

  81. We will be using a family picture we took when we went camping this summer.

  82. I’ll be using a few from the pictures my twins and I took a few weeks ago. I love family pictures!


  84. Not quite a family yet, but I just got engaged and would love to send a holiday wedding announcement with our gorgeous fall photos!

  85. We are using a photo from Yellowstone this year

  86. We are going to use a family photo from the beach

  87. We are going to use a cute family picture

  88. I always send a picture of the kids since that is all everyone wants to see.

  89. I have a photo of my husband and I on vacation that I want to use for this year’s cards. Then of course, gotta have one of the cats too.

  90. We just had our family pictures taken in October at a local farm. I plan on using one of those for my Christmas cards.

  91. I hope we can take some photos this weekend! My sister in law is a photographer so we normally just try to take a few when we’re together! 

  92. We took some family photos at an apple orchard last month. I would use those!

  93. I would use a family picture from this fall.

  94. our family pics that we just braved the 26 degree windy Wisconsin weather on Sunday outside to capture!!

  95. We’ll be using the pictures of us in our new home! So excited to be spending the holidays with friends and family in the place we’ve worked so hard for and love so much!

  96. I would use some pictures I have of my kids already! :)

  97. We will be using a photo of our daughter and her very-soon-to-be newborn baby brother. We are incredibly excited to send out our cards this year and share pictures of our new addition!

  98. What an awesome giveaway!! We will be using some of first professional photos our family has ever had taken last month! So excited to send out holiday cards this year, Happy Thanksgiving! 

  99. A photo of my baby! Probably one of her newborn ones from a few months ago.

  100. We are using a picture from a mini photo shoot we had taken at a Christmas tree farm.  The picture has my two daughters in it!

  101. I plan to do some sort of triptych with my three kids.

  102. I took a photography course and I used my son as a model. Got some good shots from that!

  103. I hope to get the whole family together for a Christmas card photo this weekend. They are not willing participants but they do it because it makes me happy!

  104. It would be a picture of my 3 dogs with my husband and I holding a baby announcement. Would be such a cute way to share our good news!

  105. our new home and us!!

  106. We will be using a photo of our cats wearing Santa hats. Haha!

  107. We took a lovely family photo at one of our favorite parks this fall that would be perfect!

  108. We took a family photo on a little vacation to Australia this fall and will be using it for our Christmas card this year

  109. We just had professional family pictures taken last month!

  110. We just took a photo with Santa this weekend! Loved the way they turned out. Love your blog!

  111. Hello!
    We will be using our family Thanksgiving photo that we took on the back deck of our family cabin in Scotts Valley, CA. It was special to have both kids home from college–so we knew we better get a picture of us all together.

  112. I love our photo we took while vacationing in Glacier National Park this summer. A glacier was in the background and the sky was so blue!!

  113. We took some family photos on Thanksgiving Day!  

  114. Hi there! My niece just took our family photos and they are perfect. I would use these!

  115. Our family photos from this Thanksgiving day!

  116. In love with your website. I have a few summer beach picture I would love to use.

  117. My wife and I took pic with our twin girls. This could help with our holiday photos.

  118. Hi sandy! Hope you mean midnight pst! I would definitely be using a family photo that includes my goldendoodle pooch!

  119. I’m single and without any one special in my life, so I don’t do picture cards. I just send store bought ones to my friends.

  120. My daughter got married in July so we will be using that one

  121. a picture of us in the mountains

  122. My Hubby & my 2 kids & I will be on our Christmas cards this year! :)

  123. I will be using the picture I took of my kids in front of the Christmas tree we took the day after thanksgiving this year.

  124. We hardly have a picture of the 6 of us together! We took one on Halloween together in all our costumes that might be a fun one to send out unless we can take a new one of all of us!

  125. We will use a pic that we took before church service.

  126. I have a fun one of me and the hubby dressed like Thor and the Hulk! It’s so out of character for him that I know our family would get a kick out of it! (if I could get his authorization to actually USE it!!)


  128. We will be using a picture taken at a local state park.

  129. A friend of ours is taking a photography class. She asked us if we would be her “models” for a day. We went out and got some great family photos in the woods with it snowing. Our dogs came along too. They come back next week. And we will pick one then.

  130. We took a family photo this summer when we were outside hiking. I’m planning to use that one because I think it represents our family well!

  131. I have an awesome photo of my family at Disneyland that I would love to use for our card.It’s all of us in front of the castle and it makes me happy every time I see it.It was a dream of mine to take my family there one day and I’m so happy it came true!

  132. I’d love to use a photo that we took at Family Day at my daughter’s college this fall! 

  133. I will use the picture from fathers day of all of us together! its the last one of all of us taken and its very special.

  134. I would use a family photo we took this summer.

  135. We started a tradition to get professional pictures taken every holiday season. So we will be using some of those pictures for our christmas cards!

  136. We just took some and are suppose to pick them up next week, so I will have to see how they turned out before I say it is one of those. But, it will probably be one of the ones we just took together.

  137. We went on a big vacation this past summer and will be using some of the photos from there for our card this year!

  138. We still need to take a family photo! But I think we would take it outside on our lawn by our favorite tree.

  139. Zoo trip from a month ago

  140. Our daughter had a professional photo shoot this summer with her family and might use one of those photos.

  141. I’ll be using from my newborn’s photo session!

  142. Our fall family picture!!

  143. A photo from a recent holiday. Thanks!

  144. Our trip to the pumpkin patch this fall

  145. I will be using our cats for our Christmas card. I have 12 at the moment. I shelter elderly rescue cats.

  146. My Dad with his great-grandkids!

  147. We are doing family pictures this weekend! I’ll be using one of those images.

  148. A picture of us in front of our christmas tree!

  149. I’m planning to use several photos from our family reunion this summer.

  150. We are using a pick of all of us by the Christmas tree

  151. I would use a family pic from our trip to Edisto beach this summer.

  152. I will be using a photo of the pets!

  153. The family at the lights at the zoo.

  154. We are choosing a simple photo of the family out to dinner for cards. I would love to have the personalized stockings they have available.

  155. We would use a family photo from last year for a photo card or take a new one.

  156. I would use the family photo that we took at the park.

  157. I’m going to use a picture of the family at a local park this year. 

  158. I would use the picture of us at the orchard in October.

  159. It’s a group photo that we took a couple of days ago with the dog. That would make the best photo for cards.

  160. If I can get it together, I would do a whole family reunion photo to make the holidays special this year.

  161. A photo that was taken outdoors in front of a beautiful sunset.

  162. I will using a picture of my family with my brand new granddaughter. She is our first grandchild. Thank you

  163. We will be using one taken of all 4 of us at a Predators Hockey Game!

  164. . Would definitely like to use minted!

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