The install day has come!

This past weekend the guys from Fashion Floors, here in Medford, Oregon, started the big Mohawk carpet install in our home. You can read my carpet journey and the progress up to this point, here.

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First of all, we feel very blessed that the Mohawk Flooring company chose our family (as a lifestyle blogger) for their Mohawk Floors Me program. I’m writing 6 posts about our the process of choosing new carpet for our home. It’s both humbling and a blessing, and an honor to share our experience with others. Buying carpet can be very overwhelming … where do you even start, and how do you know you’re getting the best or most for your money?

Buying quality carpet takes good research!

Since we had 4 different carpets to install, the work is being done over 2 days. (Thank you Mike Milhollin, a friend we’ve known for about 20 years, and crew!)

Eight years ago when we put carpet into the home, I don’t recall doing an in-depth research on carpet padding. We selected our carpet and put in the padding they recommended, and we were good to go. But not really …

I wish we would have thought more about spills, sound barriers (one of the kids’ rooms was right above the master room!), comfort, stains (pets), and all around warranty. Our home was a fixer-upper, we had a small budget to put into it, which brings us to now … eight years later.

As we worked with Denny from Fashion Floors, I was immediately drawn to the “pink” carpet padding in the store, asking him all about Mohawk’s SmartCushion that works directly with Susan G. Komen to help fund ongoing breast cancer research. I’m always attracted to the pink “Cure” signs and working with The Cure. (Cancer took my mom’s life a few years back.)

With our pets and spills, in a very active home, I was also drawn to this Mohawk SmartCushion™ because of the Spill Safe moisture guard that keeps spills from seeping into the cushion. I had no idea there was a padding out there that didn’t require IMMEDIATE treatment to a spill.

The padding has antimicrobial additives added to the moisture guard, which inhibits the growth of mildew, mold, and fungus.

Who would have thought?

We knew this was the padding we needed, along with their warranty upgrades, plus that fact that it would create a quieter, more energy efficient and peaceful setting that we needed with our two-story home.

As the old carpet was removed from the home.

The new carpet and padding brought in.

Carpet padding was laid, room by room.

New carpet installed, with each room taking on a its own “new” personality. (Back room, before and after – my new “unfinished” office space!)

We requested the old carpet that was useable (no stains or urine), which was only about 2 areas, be donated to Habitat for Humanity. Since we’ve been gifted by Mohawk, we want to in turn give back to someone in need.

Stay tuned for the “final reveal” and a very exciting GIVEAWAY to come in my next post.

If you’re shopping for carpet, or you’ve done so in the past, did you realize the importance of choosing a premium carpet padding?

I’m partnering with the “Mohawk Floors Me, as Told by Bloggers” program, and will be receiving all of our padding, carpet, and labor as a part of the project; but as always, all opinions and experiences are my own.

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