List your blessings and you will walk through the gates of thanksgiving and into the fields of joy. –Garrison Keillor

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One thing that I’m thankful for during this month of November, is the blessing of provision, and the fact that we can bless others.

Even if it’s a simple meal, like the one we took our friends last week when their mother passed away.

Food bridges the gap between ourselves and others.

It also provides comfort in time of need.

It doesn’t have to be fancy or over-complicated.

I think too many times we want to impress others, or we put expectations on ourselves that if we bring a meal to someone, it better be of a certain caliber.

Where do these silly thoughts come from?

My goal in bringing a meal to a family, is to not only provide nourishment, but to provide comfort and love.

When others go through trying times, it’s the perfect time for us to step in and help out.

Whether a good cook or not, I really think we’re all called to hospitality.

My meal for “3” people:
1. Turkey Soup
2. Green Salad packed with fresh veggies
3. Small jar of chocolates

I had made turkey soup the night before. It was exactly what this family needed, I was sure. :)

I knew they were healthy eaters and loved salads, so I put a salad together in a Ziploc bag.

I also knew they weren’t eating desserts during the week, so why tempt them with a big cake or pie?

I wanted to respect their wishes, so I took a few little treats and put them in a small canning jar.

A little sweet treat for them to “nosh on” if and when they desired. But not the pressure to ruin their diet with a big high-calorie cake.

Sharing the gift of food is something we can do.

It’s showing that we love and care.

I can guarantee it will bring thanksgiving and joy to others, even in hard times.

When’s the last time you reached out and shared with a family in need?