The beautiful color of green.

It’s one of my favorite colors, so you can only imagine how thrilled I was when the Dollar Tree started carrying olive-green tinted wine glasses.

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I stocked up, told my friend Jenny about them, and she stocked up too.

Then when I went back to buy more, all the stores in my area were sold out.

But guess what? That is the beauty of your friends stocking up also, because you get to share!

I love green because it’s the color of spring, summer and fall … and Christmas! It’s so versatile, I couldn’t wait to buy more for larger gatherings.

And, did you know you can actually go online to the Dollar Tree to buy items in bulk numbers of 12 or more?

Perfect for entertaining.

I’ve often had readers ask about my glass plates that I use quite often. It was such a deal to buy them at a yard sale, but I did come across these that are also sold at the Dollar Tree.

Again, perfect for entertaining and holidays, showers, you name it …

I’ve been enjoying the “new green.” And was happy when my friend brought her basket of glasses over for a larger party I was hosting.

Replacing the “clear glass.”

For a fresh entertaining look.

Do you like clear glass or colored glass for entertaining?