Today I’m excited to share our bedroom, here in our mountain home, plus a simple recipe, Orange Ricotta Sweet Potato Toast, a delicious low-carb option.

Orange Ricotta Sweet Potato Toast

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Have you tried sweet potatoes made into toast? It’s a great gluten-free option for breakfast toasts, or even a delicious appetizer!

Today I’m sharing the basic recipe, with 2 toppings that my daughter made for us. The days are winding down, and we’ll soon be taking her back to college (sniff-sniff). The summer has whirled by, but we are ready for fall.

Who doesn’t love the beauty of fall?

Mountain Home DIY Bedroom

When we downsized our family home, back in Medford, we lost a lot of space in the master bedroom. But we were okay with that, as long as our king-size Reverie bed fit into the room.

Mountain Home DIY Bedroom

We each have our own closet, but they are small, which made me realize that I needed to get rid of at least half of my clothing. Mission accomplished, over a 4 month period.

Mountain Home DIY Bedroom

I feel lighter and I realized that I was holding on to too much stuff. (I used a consignment shop, we had several yard sales before we moved, and then much went to Goodwill.)

Repurposing door for desk

The previous owners left a sweet dresser, and we made space for our repurposed door for office space.

Mountain Home DIY Bedroom

We love the bright open windows and vaulted ceilings. We’re looking for the perfect light fixture, unless we repurpose ths one.

Mountain Home DIY Bedroom

Down the road is a reuse and repurpose shop, with lots of cool stuff. I found an original painting, adding in some plants.

Mountain Home DIY Bedroom

We brought in the book shelves that we didn’t have room for anywhere else in the house, which worked out great. With a small space, move “up,” right? (Go tall.)

Mountain Home DIY Bedroom

Who loves our room more? Haggis us or? :)

Also, do you make your bed every day? I love this article that my friend Melissa wrote, How to Make Your Bed so it Makes Your Day!

Mountain Home DIY Bedroom

Lastly, I went with a white, silver, and gold pillow. The finishing touch.

Orange Ricotta Sweet Potato Toast

With sweet potato and yam season approaching, we love this breakfast trend, substituting sweet potato for toast.

Whatever your favorite spread that you’ve put on toast, now goes onto a thin slice of “toasted” sweet potato.

Orange Ricotta Sweet Potato Toast

Here’s how you do it.

You pop a sweet potato slice in the toaster. That’s it. So simple!

Our friends are coming from out of town this weekend, so we can’t wait to whip up a light snack of “sweet potato toast” with almond butter and bananas. But then there’s avocado with a sprinkle of salt and red pepper flakes, or cream cheese with jelly, like you’d put on a bagel.

Here are some other delicious combos:

Goat cheese, pesto, tomato, and fresh cracked salt and pepper

Fresh avocado with fresh cracked salt, pepper, and chili flakes

Ricotta cheese, slice of orange, honey drizzle, and thyme (sweet and savory, yum!)

Wash the potato, slice, toast, and after the third round, take it out and dress it up!

Happy Labor Day Weekend, Friends!

Orange Ricotta Sweet Potato Toast

Orange Ricotta Sweet Potato Toast
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Orange Ricotta Sweet Potato Toast

For a sweet combination, add toppings such as almond butter with bananas, or avocados with red chili flakes, or ricotta, orange, honey, and thyme.
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Yield: 2 -4
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  • 1-2 sweet potatoes, ends cut off and sliced 1/3-inch thick
  • 2 oranges
  • 1/2 cup ricotta cheese
  • Honey for drizzling
  • Fresh thyme


  • Wash the sweet potato. Cut the ends off and slice into 1/3-inch slices.
  • Place sweet potato slices in toaster. Toast. Flip over and toast once or twice more. Some toasters may require additional toasting time.
  • Spread with ricotta cheese, and top with an slice of orange, honey drizzle, and fresh-chopped thyme.
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Orange Ricotta Sweet Potato Toast