Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

Melissa Michael’s brand new book, Make Room for What You Love, is so relevant for our family, as we are getting ready for a big move!

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move
Today I’m part of the Make Room Challenge {Decluttering and Organizing} tour, so I hope you’ll follow along!

I read Melissa’s new book, Make Room For What You Love, on my way to Italy, and what better timing! The book is full of lessons and encouragement for how to simplify and organize your home and life. Since we just sold our home, there are big changes ahead for my family, and Melissa’s perspective on moving, and how to make more room for what you love, has come at the perfect time!

A desire to downsize

For over a year, my husband and I have had a desire to downsize our home. We love our home, as we’ve hosted so many parties and dinners and gatherings over the last 11 years, but then it started feelng a bit “heavy.” [Melissa and her husband joining us for dinner a few years back, in our backyard!]

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

Not really the inner space as much as the outer space. Our home is not that large, in reality, but the lot, the garden beds, the pool, all the yard work in general–plus the sheds, the attic, the oversized garage full of stuff–in a way became all-consuming.

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

Well, let’s just say that we ended up with a lot of STUFF, and it became a lot of work.

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

Reevaluate your life goals

We took this to heart, and came up with a plan, and reevaluted our life goals!

We did some soul searching on the things that really matter–hiking, the outdoors, living smaller, a more serene lifestyle–and decided to take the plunge.

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

Long story short – we sold our home on Craigslist, we are moving out of this house very soon, and it’s time to pack! I’ll be sharing more details soon on where and when, but it’s very exciting.

Friends, I’m sort of freaked out about the packing. I’m sort of in denial, and a bit overwhelmed. But with Melissa’s tips, and her new book, I do feel a sense of calm. It’s helped me with perspective.

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

Let it go

My topic for this post is how I am decluttering (which I’m still in the process doing), to get ready for the move.

My mission and goal: Make room for only the things that I love. Easy. Right? Not really.

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

Melissa says, “Look around your house. What has been hanging on your walls or sitting on tables or in cabinets forever? (hand raised for me – a lot of STUFF!) Ask yourself to tell the story of that item. If it doesn’t have a good story that means something to you – LET IT GO.

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

I plan to bring only what’s in this living room (for our main living space). Everything else will go in our giant yard sale!

My Tips for Getting Ready for a Big Move

–For paperwork, the kid’s stuff that I want to save goes into their memory binders. I have a new file cabinet for all taxes, paperwork, etc. A new basket for “current” paperwork. All magazines are going bye-bye, and we’re thinning out tons of books. Here’s how to make memory binders.

–For clothing, I’ve gone through my closet 5 times, purging 20 items at a time, taking to a consignment shop (or if not consignment worthy, I put in a Goodwill box, or I tossed). If I had not worn it in a year, I got rid of it. I downsized my closet by half!

–We held several yard sales, 2 in 2015, and 1 in February this year. The biggest one is yet to come (in a week or so), with garden tools, patio furniture, extra beds, dressers, etc. We are only bringing what we need!

–We purged our attics, sheds, garage, under the beds, the kids’ closets. We bought sturdy containers with very good lids at Costco, so we can stack what we want to keep. We got rid of all the furniture that we’ve been holding on to for that “some day” space.

–Dishes – I put several sets of dishes on Craig’s List (sold – BAM!), and am only keeping the sets that I love. That goes for all entertaining supplies, which I have a lot of. Other entertaining items, I’ll use Melissa’s perspective … does it tell a story? Do I really need this?

What I’ve learned in the process is that when I get rid of stuff, and only keep what I love, it’s bringing me peace, and I’m actually feeling freed up and excited.

Too much stuff is heavy. Life should be light and free!

So for now, we’re excited for the new adventure ahead of us, and to settle into this next phase of life!

Moving is always scary and so stressful, but I know in my heart, that once we get through the hurdles, that we’ll have a home that is perfect for us, and for others. Our dream has always been to share what we have with others, and to create space for living more fully.

Saying goodbye to the past and reforming your old habits isn’t easy. You have to enter right into the mess, bring it all out into the open, and own it. Every last piece of it. Each piece of paper, every trinket, all the little objects and random things you’ve held on to tfor years. The clutter, the stuff, the indecision–don’t let any of it stand between you and what you envision for your life or your home. –Melissa Michaels

In a sense – get rid of stuff, Friends, and live out your passion!

Melissa’s book is here to help you!

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

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Melissa is one of my first blogging friends who I met in 2009. We’ve since remained close, and I’m so thankful for her passions and the way that she has helped millions of readers over the years! Cheers, Melissa!

Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move

16 comments on “Make Room For What You Love: Getting Ready for a Big Move”

  1. I definitely understand the feeling that you need to downsize things. After a while, you look around and realize how much work goes into simply maintaining everything, and you may feel like you don’t get as much use or value out of it all. In that case, moving to a smaller place may very well be the right idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Best of luck to you as you tac on the task of moving into a new house! 

  3. After reading this, I think I need to have a yard sale! lol! Your purge sounds so good! Best of luck to you in your new home and moving adventure! Sounds exciting!

  4. Oh Sandy! Can’t wait to hear more about it all. We’re about to list our home too. We’re so done with being tied down to upkeep – physically, mentally and financially!  I just received Melissa’s new book last week too and am about to hop into bed with it. I need some inspiration! Exciting!

  5. I am right there with you, Sandy.  Having been in the same house 43 years plus “stuff” from my husband’s great Aunt Almeta (she passed away in 2010 at 109yrs and 8mos. old), which also included “stuff” from her mother/father and grandmother/grandfather. Amazing woman to know for 45  years and some beautiful old quilts, stoneware, plates, etc.  but…enough is enough!  Also, some of my brother’s “stuff” from his apt. in NYC (he passed away in July of 2014).  Anyway, I am overwhelmed and do not have any peace as my house is a storage unit pretty much. A lot of the items have a family history attached to them; however,  I think getting Melissa Michaels book would be good for me to do.  Happy for your new adventure and encouraged by your purging! Thank you, Sandy and Melissa.

    • Yes, you will love this book Betty. Oh, my, that is a lot (just reading about it). I hope that you get some help, Betty! :) xo

  6. We helped our neighbors when they downsized. They only packed things they really would need and use in the new place, and then tagged furniture items that would work with the floorplan.  After all that was moved out they had an estate sale on remaining items…including the garage. So much easier to “remove” what you really want instead of tossing out what you don’t!!  

  7. SO exciting, you are going to feel so much lighter and freer in this next season of life to do what you and Paul love the most. Stuff we love can be comforting and enjoyable when it serves a purpose in our home, but too much is just TOO MUCH! I’m excited for your next adventure! Thanks for being a part of this day with me, friend! xo

  8. What a journey! So excited for you!

  9. Sandy, good move! You’ll feel lighter and you’ll be living more lightly on the planet! Over the weekend I cleared a cabinet and will be taking two boxes to my favorite charity shop tomorrow. Feels good. I’ll be posting about it on Thursday. Melissa’s books are wonderful!

  10. Wow. I felt almost like I was reading about myself! We made this decision a few years ago. Sadly in the middle of it all I lost my beloved husband. It took me a while but at some point I pulled myself from the bottom of the well and resumed what we started together. I sold/donated/discarded over half of what we had. I sold 2 houses–the dream house we built together and the one we purchased 6 weeks before he died (I rented it out after he died). I packed up & moved to another state. Now I’m in a tiny rented cabin waiting for the closing on townhouse I bought on my own. When I unpack I will only have what I really cared about. It was a huge task but honestly it felt good.

    • Sorry to hear about your loss, Kathie. And thank you for sharing your journey … love and prayers for the next season of life! xo

  11. So exciting, Sandy!!  Can’t wait to hear about your new adventure!   We have our house up for sale and pack of early June.   I’ve been decluttering, too!  It feels so good to only unpack what you want and start fresh!

    • Tara, you’re in the season with all the kid stuff! IT will feel so good to thin through that. Living here 11 years … I wasn’t so good at that along the way! LOL Enjoy your next adventure!

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