How to Make Memory Binders

An inexpensive way to make a scrapbook for your child’s school memories or achievements: How to make memory binders (Costco binders and sheet protectors).

Friends, looking for a way to preserve your kids’ memories or keepsakes?

Since about 2000, I have saved my kid’s “memories” in binders, filled with everything from school pictures, certificates, special, art, poetry, awards, report cards, our family Christmas card and letter … the list goes on and on.

How to Make Memory Binders

This post gives you a list of easy supplies to buy to make your own books. It’s also a great idea for recipes or anything you want to preserve.

When you’re not crazy about scrapbooking, then this is for you!

It’s something tangible, with easy access for both us and for our kids’ enjoyment. (I thumbed through my oldest son’s book one year ago as we sent him off to college, and found a very sentimental letter. I try to fill the books with anything memorable that will be fun for the kids to look at as they get older.)

That’s when I posted several years back about making easy, very inexpensive Memory Binders for your kids.

-Heidi wrote me last week and sent me a picture of her books, and I love how she organized them by her kids’ ages

-My books are organized by my kids’ school years.

-Either way, I’m linking to my original post, but here are the simple supplies that you will need.

Supplies needed to create a Memory Binder

  • 2″ white binders from Costco (4 in a pack)
  • Scrapbook paper (or plain colored paper)
  • 1 box sheet protectors

Starting with Pre-K, I have saved art, special memories, class pictures, sports awards, first book report, every report card, articles their dad has written – you name it, and have filed these papers into these books.

Here are more ideas of what goes in the binder!

ENJOY getting organized!

This is a repost from Sept. 2011

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  1. Please don’t store the kids artwork! Take a picture of your child holding the artwork. Hang it on the fridge with magnets and take another picture. Get creative, use the “letter” magnets to put the date and age of your child above or below the artwork. Or in the case of a clay sculpture, or cardboard building, etc. place it on a white poster board on a table and then take a picture. Then upload the photos to a “photobook creating” website. This would also work on other mementos that you need to purge. Be faithful about uploading them. Ask yourself, do I want to lose the photos if my computer crashes? It only take a few minutes.
    I’ve also scanned in my important papers like birth certificates, marriage and divorce papers, my high school diploma, title to vehicles, etc.
    I have all these on one website and though I have never created one of their books, I know I have the memories in a safe place and when I have the time and the money (when the kids are grown, lol) I can have fun turning all these photos into cool books for myself and gifts for them when they are adults.
    Hope this helps!

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