How to Make Memory Binders

An inexpensive way to make a scrapbook for your child’s school memories or achievements: How to make memory binders (Costco binders and sheet protectors).

Friends, looking for a way to preserve your kids’ memories or keepsakes?

Since about 2000, I have saved my kid’s “memories” in binders, filled with everything from school pictures, certificates, special, art, poetry, awards, report cards, our family Christmas card and letter … the list goes on and on.

How to Make Memory Binders

This post gives you a list of easy supplies to buy to make your own books. It’s also a great idea for recipes or anything you want to preserve.

When you’re not crazy about scrapbooking, then this is for you!

It’s something tangible, with easy access for both us and for our kids’ enjoyment. (I thumbed through my oldest son’s book one year ago as we sent him off to college, and found a very sentimental letter. I try to fill the books with anything memorable that will be fun for the kids to look at as they get older.)

That’s when I posted several years back about making easy, very inexpensive Memory Binders for your kids.

-Heidi wrote me last week and sent me a picture of her books, and I love how she organized them by her kids’ ages

-My books are organized by my kids’ school years.

-Either way, I’m linking to my original post, but here are the simple supplies that you will need.

Supplies needed to create a Memory Binder

  • 2″ white binders from Costco (4 in a pack)
  • Scrapbook paper (or plain colored paper)
  • 1 box sheet protectors

Starting with Pre-K, I have saved art, special memories, class pictures, sports awards, first book report, every report card, articles their dad has written – you name it, and have filed these papers into these books.

Here are more ideas of what goes in the binder!

ENJOY getting organized!

This is a repost from Sept. 2011

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  2. I also liked your FB page.

  3. Paper seems to be a common theme! It’s true for me too. Bills, receipts, my kids’ school papers! It’s all too much.

  4. organizing my kids art and craft cupboard! it’s always a mess! loved your idea sandy – it saved the day and i am ULTRA organzied with the binders as i head in to the school year. OH! and the other thing i need help organzinig are PHOTOS. again – i hate scrapbooking but what am i to do with those files and files and files of years and years of photos? i’m thinking of the costco photo books – one per year. ugh. photos are like a weight on my shoulders….what have you done over the years since I’m CERTAIN you have gobs of photos of those loves of yours

  5. My photographs!!! they are collecting in a box….and online!!

  6. The binder system is such a great idea. I’m already at a loss for what to do with my toddler’s artwork. My biggest clutter problem is our home office.

  7. I need help with my photos. I have some in books but I have boxes and envelopes and stray pictures everywhere. It would be great to have them organized in some way.

  8. Books. We have books for different aspects of our lives, and most of them we need to keep for counseling and such, but all of the organization techniques I ever see are either for people who have space to dedicate a room or large area to their library, or for those who have maybe 25 books in their entire house. Help!

  9. I follow Organized Junkie too!

  10. Papers, papers, papers!
    Too many seasonal decorating items!!! But I love them all.

  11. I am buying more books than I have space for-this is where I need help. :-) I have a kindle on my phone and you should see all the books I have been collecting there too. LOL

  12. I need help with all the kitchen “stuff” that we seem to need, but sometimes, maybe rarely use

  13. I need help in organizing ALL the papers we seem to accumulate and our garage looks like a tornado hit it!

  14. I need help with boxes of *special memories* of my (now adult) kids. Uh-oh, the boxes are starting to fill with the grandchildren’s things now! ;-)

  15. Love this idea. I hit “like” on your Facebook page. I have the most trouble with organizing paperwork and photos. I don’t really scrapbook either, and I have tons of old photos to organize. I just don’t know where to start!

  16. I definitely need help in the office area. It is a mess.

  17. I have a bit of hoarding tendancies coupled with a lack of functional storage makes my house super cluttered!

  18. I could definitely use the most clutter rehab in the area of paper control. My kids are older – wish I would have seen this idea years ago. Thank you for the giveaway!

  19. and I like your page on FB.

  20. I could definitely use some help with my kids’ paperwork. It’s hard for me Toledo it under control. I’ll be trying the memory binders!

  21. I need help with organizing my office desk…no matter what I do, it always seems to get out of control. Then I want to throw out everything, which is not very good :)
    Thanks for the chance Sandy.

  22. I need help with clutter in every aspect….HELP!!!!

  23. I need help organizing my home office. I have a beautiful space with tons of room to organize, but the top of my desk looks like a disaster. There are piles every where and I can not find something when I need it. Right now I’m typing over a pile of paid bills.

  24. i need help organizing all my old photos, papers, and memorabilia…

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