Our New Home in Central Oregon!

Friends, welcome to our new home in central Oregon! If you’re following me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen our DIY projects to our fixer upper!

Yes, my family and I have moved to central Oregon, into a mountain home!

You can follow along on Instagram for the updates of our fixer-upper, but for now, I want to show you the before photos, as the house was before we bought it.

Our New Home in Central Oregon

There’s so much history to this cute home, I can just feel it in the walls, in the “bones.”

Our new home in central oregon

I’ll start with the home being built in 1984, and it has never changed hands until now. We are the first to buy it after the owners had it built, with so many fun treasures left inside for us.

Our New Home in Central Oregon

How it goes over here in central Oregon, where we are living, is when a mountain home is sold, usually the belongings stay with the house. Now most of the furniture that you see in the photos, etc. were removed, but there were a few wall hangings, rugs, and most of the kitchen left for us to sort through.

My favorite … Janie’s cookbooks!

Our New Home in Central Oregon

She must have been a French baker, from what I can see. Also a pineapple! A true sign of hospitality!

Our New Home in Central Oregon

I love the silverware.

The bikes were left in the garage, along with many tools, and other fun surprises.

Our New Home in Central Oregon

The entire house is a mix between wood and brick floors.

Fixer Upper

When we pulled up to the home, it was so fun to walk in to our new home and dream about our lives in this new place, and how we would transform the home to make it perfect for our family.

Our New Home in Central Oregon

Perfect for opening up to others, sharing it with the people that we love. (The perfect place to host a dinner, on this deck!)

Perfect for this next season in our lives.

Here are the “before” pictures. Stay tuned for all of the updates!

Our New Home in Central Oregon Our New Home in Central OregonOur New Home in Central Oregon

Our New Home in Central Oregon Our New Home in Central Oregon

Since my husband and I both work from home, we took the “leap” of selling our home in the Rogue Valley, and moved to an area that we love, Central Oregon.

My husband, a writer (he has a new book coming out next month), has always dreamed of a more contemplative lifestyle, a quieter place to write and think and work. He will still fly in and out of the Redmond Airport for his work with The Protectors, but we are very excited to have this quieter season to try new things, after years of raising kids in the city, and Paul coaching soccer (for 18 years). We know there will be adjustments and changes, but we’ve decided to go for it, and always embrace a positive attitude.

Our New Home in Central Oregon

There’s just something about the smell of the forest, the freshness of the mornings and the quietness of the evenings, the sound of the wind blowing the leaves on the aspen trees, the gorgeous river only a few steps away.

Our New Home in Central Oregon!

It’s all new to us. The river so close, so much to do in the outdoors!

A new chapter.

A beautiful place to be … where we have felt God has called us.

And now I get to share with you.

I’ll be posting the progress on the house, so stay tuned!

42 comments on “Our New Home in Central Oregon!”

  1. Sandy,
    I somehow came across your post and clicked on the link about your husband’s work with The Protectors. Imagine my surprise when I saw there was a link on the website for their work in Chattanooga. I looked and saw he came to speak to Silverdale Baptist Academy. Something struck a chord and I also remembered hearing him speak at a Rotary Club luncheon that I catered! So cool! Anyway, I don’t always listen to the speakers, because I am working, but I was able to catch a few minutes of his talk and was encouraged by what he was sharing. It truly is a small world!

  2. Love your new home and your positive attitude to just go for it! My husband and I are in the process of whether to stay in our home or move. We raised our kids in the country and now are wanting to try city life! It’s scary but exciting at the same time. Best wishes to you and your family. Looking forward to your updates. 

  3. Congratulations, how exciting – it will be fun to watch along as you make the house your home!!

  4. Oh this post gave me chills…seeing it in it’s original state, I can’t wait to see what you do with it! I love it so much and I love the cookbooks & pineapple left behind. I’m beyond excited for you guys, what peaceful surroundings…and Sandy – that DECK!!! 

  5. Congratulations Sandy and Paul.   A beautiful gift!!

  6. Hi Sandy – I look forward to following along with your projects and transformation. How fantastic to be in the place you feel God has called you to! So exciting. Congratulations!

  7. What a fun new adventure! So happy for you.

  8. Well, you’ve gone and moved to the “other side.” :) What a fun adventure- can’t wait to see what you do with this fun home!

  9. It is a beautiful home and location.  I look forward to seeing the upgrades.  Peace, joy and love.

  10. It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m so excited that you took that leap of faith.

  11. I am so in love with your new space and this adventure!!!

  12. SO lovely!! Excited to see the updates!

  13. Okay, you lucky bum! I can tell right away that is a Sunriver home and I’m pink (not green) with envy, but oh so excited for you at the same time. That place, just happens to be my very favorite place on earth and my husband and I look forward to someday moving to Central Oregon as well. We’re currently in Molalla and loving the open space of the fields, but the Portland area with it’s close together trees and grey clouds make us claustrophobic. So happy for you! What a beautiful place to start a new adventure. 

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