Outdoor Dining and Spaces: It’s Exciting to Dream!

When I came across this Adelto post with incredible photography, I was inspired to repost my walk through the Ma(i)sonry in Napa Valley last year, because this time of year I start dreaming about alfresco dining and outdoor spaces.

We all have to live and entertain within our means, but it’s okay to dream and to be inspired …

Ma(i)sonry is one of the coolest places ever, a place I visited during my Napa Valley trip last year.

The setting is reminiscent of a home or a private club, framing a highly edited collection of furnishings and artwork. The furnishings, ranging from 16th century to mid-twentieth century, are paired with contemporary works crafted by today’s top designers. The collections of art on display include Napa Valley favorites, the best in the Bay Area as well as some of the most respected names worldwide, all of which will be available for purchase.

Talk about some of the most exquisite pieces and art.

And unique architecture and outside furniture.

Rustic inside.

And old.


Can you just see these cool doors opening up to the outside?

And a dreamy old, long table that I would LOVE to have in my backyard.

Mm-m-m, can’t you just hear the sounds of friends in your backyard? Maybe the adults would sit here.

And imagine the spread of food and a beautiful, simple tablescape on this table?

And the kids might hang out here.

We’re a big pear family, so I’d love these sitting in my backyard.

I can think of the perfect place in my backyard for this peaceful water feature, since we have a flat piece of property.

I’d love to end the evening sitting around a fire, here.

You can see I enjoyed myself. No one else was in the backyard of this incredible place, so my husband and I walked around and dreamed …

Now back to reality. I love my home. I love the people who come to it.

But it’s still fun to dream …

Are a dreamer? Do you dream of dinner parties and all of the wonderful friends you’d invite?

(If you didn’t read the French Laundry’s Garden post, you might want to take a peek! It’s amazing and inspiring, especially if you are a gardener!)

12 comments on “Outdoor Dining and Spaces: It’s Exciting to Dream!”

  1. Beautiful! There is nothing better than enjoying time by a fire outside in the evening with people we enjoy.

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  3. Just lovely. Makes me anticipate spring that much more…

  4. I DO love to dream. It’s so much fun. My favorite thing about our teeniny backyard is our fire pit. I love to sit around it, roast marshmallows, cook on it (we have a cool grill that sits atop of it), reminisce, dream about the futre and watch the stars. I love your blog. My friends and I are totally excited about starting our own group of Balcony Girls! Thanks so much for sharing your great ideas!

  5. We went to Napa on our honeymoon and just loved it. So beautiful! We’re from Ohio and have had enough snow and cold weather this winter to last us a lifetime and then some! So add me to the list anxious for spring/summer outdoor enertaining :) I just can’t wait. The fresh air, beautiful candles, great food and of course family and lots of good friends. Hmmm, maybe I’ll start planning a party, like a Yay, its finally Spring party.

  6. Oh my goodness!! That website is amazing. I love all the lanterns. I dream ALL THE TIME of what I’d love our outdoor space to look like!

  7. You can totally have that table. You can make it yourself with old doors or fence wood or just about any salvage thing……I bet you can make it…..love the fountain…..that is not hard either….I made one out of a couple flower containers, rocks and a round cement ball by submerging a pump…..you and I kindred spirits…..areticle coming soon.

  8. I have this spot in the backyard of our new home that I have all planned out in my head. Now if I only had the money to make those dreams come true. LOL! That’s why I love Craigslist though, I’ve gotten some super nice things for cheap on there. So I’m keeping my eye out!

  9. What a beautiful place! We love spending time in our backyard during the warmer months. We hope to add a firepit this summer. We already have a Koi pond. I love entertaining friends on the back porch and listening to the waterfall.

  10. I’m soooooo ready for warm weather, sunshine, and lazy evenings spent outdoors with friends!

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