Pear Farro Blender Pancakes are delicious for breakfast or brunch! The ingredients are added to the blender, with pears and farro, for the perfect pancake!

Pear Farro Blender Pancakes

These Pear Farro Blender Pancakes are delicious for breakfast or brunch! All the ingredients are thrown into the blender, resulting in a batter that creates the perfect pancake!

Enjoy with syrup and fresh berries – so good!

Getting an breakfast invite

We all have friends, but many of us say we are just too busy to connect. Enter this weekend, and getting an invite to a breakfast or brunch!

When my husband and I get an invite, most of the time we automatically say, “yes!” We are just as busy as anyone else, but if we’re home and our schedule is free, we love to accept and enjoy others’ hospitality. I know, I always write about how “we make the invite” on my blog.

Best Pear Farro Blender Pancakes

Pear Blender Pancakes Recipe

This time we were invited over for this Pear Blender Pancakes Recipe.

Blanch the almonds ahead of time while the farro is cooking. Cool the farro.

You can do these steps the day before, and then in the morning, throw all the ingredients in the blender. Blend and your batter is ready!

We love pear season, so what’s better than pear pancakes?

You may have also tried my Pear Butternut Squash Breakfast Casserole, a more savory option!

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Easy Pear Farro Blender Pancakes

We all need encouragement

Most of us don’t think of hosting as a time of giving encouragement to others, but that is exactly what happens.

We all need encouragement. I can’t think of one person who does well without it.

What we’ve noticed is that the elderly have been through the seasons of life, and sometimes they are the best people to encourage the younger generation.

They’ve been encouraging friends through rough times, and have encouraged us to strive for greatness in the good times.

We just have to take the time to make it happen!

Tasty Pear Farro Blender Pancakes

Have you thought about creating an environment in your home to help people become their best?

Becoming a positive influence in a world that needs it so much right now?

Being an influencer

Three simple things come to mind when it comes to being an influencer of others around us:

  • If you want to lift people up, do it daily.
  • In a negative environment, remember it takes extra effort in the form of a kind word, a servant’s action, and a bit of creativity to be a positive influence.
  • Do it now, don’t wait until tomorrow.

Have you thought about inviting a few friends or neighbors over for breakfast?

The BEST Pear Farro Blender Pancakes

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