I get giddy this time of year when I see a primrose plant. The colors are so vibrant!

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You can buy a flat at Costco now for about $10. Best $10 spent because they can be used in so many ways!

To me, they’re the perfect “spring” flower that adds so much cheer and love to gardens, front porch pots, dining tables, living or family rooms, kitchen windows …

Or even a small gift.

On Valentine’s Day, I gathered a few primrose plants and went knocking on my neighbors’ doors.

All the widow-ladies got a little something to brighten their day. :)

I also have combined 4 primrose plants with 2 succulents to make a springy tabletop, which I’ve moved around in the house. For a while it was on my dining table, then it found its home in the sunshine out on our back patio. Then back inside again.

Following these easy instructions, when I made a Wheatgrass and Succulent tabletop, you can do the same with primroses:

-Add 2 succulents.

-4 primrose plants.

-Fill the outside of the tray with moss.

And BOOM! You have the most beautiful primrose and succulent tabletop!

Sometimes we just need a little inspiration to take fresh spring flowers and think outside of the box (other than planting them in pots) to create something new!

Happy Spring!

What’s your favorite tabletop to make during the month of February?

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