My friend and I took a quick jaunt through the local grower’s market when she was visiting from Portland.

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We did a little tasting of different foods. I even bought some pepper plants; we loved seeing the stunning flowers in bloom.

If it weren’t for my own yard and our own variety of flowers, I would have purchased a fresh bouquet for sure.

But what did inspire us was all the jams and jellies from Pennington Farms. When Cathy found out it was my birthday, she loaded me up with goodies.

Just taking a walk through a grower’s or farmer’s market inspires all kinds of ideas for cooking.

-We bought a pre-made pizza crust.

-Already had goat cheese at home in the fridge.

-Pulled some sausage from the freezer; cooked and sliced it.

-And spread Pennington Farm’s sweet, delicious Golden Raspberry Jelly on the pizza bread.

-Topped with sausage, cheese, and fresh basil.

Oh, boy!

Can you say “perfect summertime lunch with a friend?”

I love how the grower’s or farmer’s market can bring inspiration ….

When’s the last time you came up with a new “recipe” idea by shopping your farmer’s market?