Recipe Inspired by Shopping at the Grower’s Market

My friend and I took a quick jaunt through the local grower’s market when she was visiting from Portland.

We did a little tasting of different foods. I even bought some pepper plants; we loved seeing the stunning flowers in bloom.

If it weren’t for my own yard and our own variety of flowers, I would have purchased a fresh bouquet for sure.

But what did inspire us was all the jams and jellies from Pennington Farms. When Cathy found out it was my birthday, she loaded me up with goodies.

Just taking a walk through a grower’s or farmer’s market inspires all kinds of ideas for cooking.

-We bought a pre-made pizza crust.

-Already had goat cheese at home in the fridge.

-Pulled some sausage from the freezer; cooked and sliced it.

-And spread Pennington Farm’s sweet, delicious Golden Raspberry Jelly on the pizza bread.

-Topped with sausage, cheese, and fresh basil.

Oh, boy!

Can you say “perfect summertime lunch with a friend?”

I love how the grower’s or farmer’s market can bring inspiration ….

When’s the last time you came up with a new “recipe” idea by shopping your farmer’s market?

7 comments on “Recipe Inspired by Shopping at the Grower’s Market”

  1. That looks so good Sandy! I would have never thought of the raspberry jelly. But I can see how it would pair nicely with the salt in the pork & cheese. Yummy! What a wonderful sweet & savory pizza. You are so creative! You have got any eye for pairing foods & displaying them so beautifully! You got some great Farmers Market finds.
    Since I have a fairly sized garden , I haven’t shopped at Farmers Markets much this year . Although I was on the hunt for okra not to long ago. Grocery store okra is just a shame compared to fresh. The flavor is just outstanding. I love to snack on it raw like carrots. It also taste good raw dipping it in a spicy or regular hummus. I cooked some farmers market sweet potatoes tonight as a side dish to tempeh w/sauteed mushrooms & herbs. I topped my sweet potato with farmers market onions that I caramelized & it was so good! A melody of flavors making my taste buds so happy! I like to caramelize my onions in a mixture of butter, brown sugar, cayenne, black pepper, garlic powder or fresh garlic, & occasionally a touch of sea salt. They have the perfect combination of sweet & savory & my husband raves about them throughout dinner. It’s really the simple touches that make an impact. Hope you have a lovely day. Ivy Jane

  2. YUM! Sounds amazing!!! I made homemade pizza last week with Kaitlynn and her friend, grilled it on my new Pampered Chef Pizza Grill Pan.

    I don’t often get to the Farmer’s markets, but they are definitely inspiring. I did make it to our local one on friday and bought some swiss chard, so now going to look for a recipe.

  3. I enjoy going to the Farmer’s Markets here. I recently bought some Italian Sweet Peppers but haven’t decided what to do with them yet. I never would have thought of the jam on your pizza but I’ll bet it was delicious with the sausage and cheese.


  4. You have inspired me and I know exactly what I am going to make!

  5. Wow, raspberry jelly as the sauce is so genius! Love this pizza!

  6. That sounds like a cool combination – would never have thought of putting jam on a pizza. But it looks like it works. We have a local farmers’ market here in town on Saturdays and I love walking over to pick up things for that night’s dinner. Never know what I’ll find and that’s what makes it intersting.

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