You might remember my post here, where I cried out for help in “sprucing up” my $60 yard sale find. Thank you all, through Facebook and through my blog, on so many awesome, creative ideas that you shared with me. I appreciate you taking the time to share.

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What’s an easy way to look at something old, with fresh eyes, and make it something new to you?

My sisters and I were out for my birthday lunch, and after shopping in Jacksonville, we headed home to fix up my entertaining hutch. (Really cool shopping at Farmhouse Treasures, in Jacksonville, OR.) My friend, Steph and I had already bought some decals from Target.

-Change up the look
-Something affordable
-Easy to change to a new look, if you get tired of the old

My sis, Di, jumped in and got the ball rolling! (While my sis, Linda, was ironing. Yes, it was my birthday lunch and my sisters really blessed me with good food, fun, help, laughter on my day.)

When looking for things to fix up, I’ve become very practical. I don’t want to fill my home with “stuff” unless it has a purpose, so here’s my perspective on buying second hand furniture:

1. Look at the wood, shape, design, and functionality and evaluate if it’s something you really need.

2. Think outside of the box, and instead of just filling up shelves, use baskets for a cleaner look.

3. Make it functional and store glasses that you actually use, for easy access.

4. Use the drawer space for more than junk. In my case, I store ironed cloth napkins.

5. Make something your focal point. The Pork Board just sent me a beautiful white platter, perfect for the large open space. (From a project we just finished … stay tuned.)

6. More practically, fill a colored container with tea light candles, easy for quick entertaining access.

7. Think in contrast. Black decals add “zip” to the already old wood, as well as a new kind of “fanciness.”

I love what we did. I really was looking for the best quick change, without buying a quart of paint (and getting out all of those supplies).

So, how did I organize, or what’s in the baskets?

I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine. I love paper napkins, especially for summertime entertaining. My friend, Steph, was visiting us from Portland and she took on the challenge of organizing my baskets. By the end of the process, she said, No more paper napkins! You have enough! LOL – agree!

So Steph helped me out. And we finished our project!

Very practical with glasses, paper and cloth napkins, cookbooks, serving platters, and a big tub of tea lights.

Wah-Lah – Complete!

Are you good at looking at a piece of furniture with a fresh perspective, to change things up a bit?