With February being “heart month,” use leftover salmon for this healthy Salmon Nicoise Salad, made with white beans, hard cooked eggs, and green beans!

Salmon Nicoise Salad
Almost daily, I make a salad for my husband for lunch, and we sit and eat together. Since we both work from home, we’re very lucky that we get to connect with each other so often. We both support each other’s work and mission for making this world a better place, and feel very fortunate that we’re able to do this. It’s not as easy as you think … marriage.


I always say if marriage is too easy, then you’re not working hard enough at it.

It takes hard work, commitment, a willingness to change, dying to self. I notice the words below, willing, unwilling, willing, unwilling. Marriage is so much about our wills.

Paul and Sandy 25 years ago

I found this picture in a box this week, and I think it’s one of our dates almost 25 years ago! So fun.

I’m blessed, and cherish my husband so much, I want to share this list with you, because it inspired me greatly.

25 Things that Love is …

Paul Tripp wrote this:

LOVE IS… being willing to have your life complicated by the needs and struggles of others without impatience or anger.
LOVE IS… actively fighting the temptation to be critical and judgmental toward another while looking for ways to encourage and praise.
LOVE IS… making a daily commitment to resist the needless moments of conflict that come from pointing out and responding to minor offenses.
LOVE IS… being lovingly honest and humbly approachable in times of misunderstanding.
LOVE IS… being more committed to unity and understanding than you are to winning, accusing, or being right.
LOVE IS… a making a daily commitment to admit your sin, weakness, and failure and to resist the temptation to offer an excuse or shift the blame.
LOVE IS… being willing, when confronted by another, to examine your heart rather than rising to your defense or shifting the focus.
LOVE IS… making a daily commitment to grow in love so that the love you offer to another is increasingly selfless, mature, and patient.
LOVE IS… being unwilling to do what is wrong when you have been wronged, but looking for concrete and specific ways to overcome evil with good.
LOVE IS… being a good student of another, looking for their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs so that in some way you can remove the burden, support them as they carry it, or encourage them along the way.
LOVE IS… being willing to invest the time necessary to discuss, examine, and understand the relational problems you face, staying on task until the problem is removed or you have agreed upon a strategy of response.
LOVE IS… being willing to always ask for forgiveness and always being committed to grant forgiveness when it is requested.
LOVE IS… recognizing the high value of trust in a relationship and being faithful to your promises and true to your word.
LOVE IS… speaking kindly and gently, even in moments of disagreement, refusing to attack the other person’s character or assault their intelligence.
LOVE IS… being unwilling to flatter, lie, manipulate, or deceive in any way in order to co-opt the other person into giving you what you want or doing something your way.
LOVE IS… being unwilling to ask another person to be the source of your identity, meaning, and purpose, or inner sense of well-being, while refusing to be the source of theirs.
LOVE IS… the willingness to have less free time, less sleep, and a busier schedule in order to be faithful to what God has called you to be and to do as a spouse, parent, neighbor, etc.
LOVE IS… a commitment to say no to selfish instincts and to do everything that is within your ability to promote real unity, functional understanding, and active love in your relationships.
LOVE IS… staying faithful to your commitment to treat another with appreciation, respect, and grace, even in moments when the other person doesn’t seem deserving or is unwilling to reciprocate.
LOVE IS… the willingness to make regular and costly sacrifices for the sake of a relationship without asking for anything in return or using your sacrifices to place the other person in your debt.
LOVE IS… being unwilling to make any personal decision or choice that would harm a relationship, hurt the other person, or weaken the bond of trust between you.
LOVE IS… refusing to be self-focused or demanding, but instead looking for specific ways to serve, support, and encourage, even when you are busy or tired.
LOVE IS… daily admitting to yourself, the other person, and God that you are unable to be driven by a cruciform love without God’s protecting, providing, forgiving, rescuing, and delivering grace.

true love

I always appreciate how much my parents taught me about love. This prized photo of them was taken in Sierra Vista (Fort Huachuca), AZ, in 1962, when my Dad was working for the Bendix Corp.

February is Heart Month!

Since it’s “heart month,” I love not only going a bit deeper in my marriage, but eating salmon several times a week! In fact, you can see my round-up of salmon recipes, here.  From the leftovers at this dinner party, I made this gorgeous salad for lunch this week for me and my sweetie.

Salmon Nicoise Salad

So very good with white beans and boiled eggs.

Which, by the way, remember how to boil the perfect egg?

How to boil the PERFECT egg:

To hard-boil eggs, with a spoon, gently place each egg in a medium pot of boiling water. Bring to a boil for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, pour out hot water and fill the pan with a mixture of cold water, and ice cubes; let stand until the eggs are completely cooled. Always peel under cold running water!

It works for me every time.

Salmon Nicoise Salad.

Wikipedia says the Niçoise salad is always made with raw vegetables and served with anchovies. Nicoise salads that are served in America are typically served on a bed of lettuce, and include cooked green beans and potatoes. I made my own version of Salmon Nicoise Salad (pronounced nee-suaz), using leftover green beans, and skipped the potatoes, anchovies, and olives!

Salmon Nicoise Salad

Instead of canned tuna, I used leftover salmon.

Oh, and to keep it easy, I used a store-bought blue cheese dressing with added green onions! Delicious!

What’s your favorite way to cook with leftover salmon?

Salmon Nicoise Salad

Salmon Nicoise Salad
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Salmon Nicoise Salad

TIP: To hard-boil eggs, with a spoon, gently place each egg in a medium pot of boiling water. Bring to a boil for 10 minutes. Remove from heat, pour out hot water and fill the pan with a mixture of cold water, and ice cubes; let stand until the eggs are completely cooled. Always peel under cold running water!


  • Fresh lettuce greens Leftover salmon, left in chunks Leftover cooked green beans Cherry tomatoes, sliced in half 2 hard-cooked eggs, sliced in quarters 1/2 can 15 oz. can Bush’s White Northern Beans, drained 1 small red onion, thinly sliced 3 green onion, thinly sliced Bleu cheese dressing


  • Lay greens in a large bowl or on a platter. Layer leftover salmon and cooked green beans, cherry tomatoes, red onion, and beans on top of the green.
  • On a large platter, arrange lettuce, salmon, green beans, beans, eggs, tomatoes, and onion. Serve a bleu cheese dressing topped with green onions on the side.
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Salmon Nicoise Salad

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