Sometimes I’m just a creature of old habits. That’s why once in a while it’s fun to shop with a friend, because you can get fresh ideas for new food items or techniques.

Since I started using my KitchenAid food processor more, I’ve been trying to be more cost effective with as many food items as possible.

For example, with 3 teens in our household, we go through a lot of deli meats. Mostly turkey, because the kids are all health-conscious and it has less fat and is better for you.

In the past I went for “convenient” and bought the pre-sliced turkey at Costco. Until I really looked at the cost.

Pre-sliced turkey breast – $6.79 lb.

Whole turkey breast meat – $3.99 lb.

My husband had a great idea, to add onion and celery to the meat as we slice it up, for better flavor.

This time I snuck in a cucumber.

Add the sliced meat to a Ziploc bag, date, and put in the fridge for all to enjoy.

Oh, and for the kids who don’t like the veggies, they are easy enough to pick out.

Do you ever get into a habit of buying out of convenience, or are you always a smart shopper?

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