Saving Money by Slicing Your Own Turkey Breast

Sometimes I’m just a creature of old habits. That’s why once in a while it’s fun to shop with a friend, because you can get fresh ideas for new food items or techniques.

Since I started using my KitchenAid food processor more, I’ve been trying to be more cost effective with as many food items as possible.

For example, with 3 teens in our household, we go through a lot of deli meats. Mostly turkey, because the kids are all health-conscious and it has less fat and is better for you.

In the past I went for “convenient” and bought the pre-sliced turkey at Costco. Until I really looked at the cost.

Pre-sliced turkey breast – $6.79 lb.

Whole turkey breast meat – $3.99 lb.

My husband had a great idea, to add onion and celery to the meat as we slice it up, for better flavor.

This time I snuck in a cucumber.

Add the sliced meat to a Ziploc bag, date, and put in the fridge for all to enjoy.

Oh, and for the kids who don’t like the veggies, they are easy enough to pick out.

Do you ever get into a habit of buying out of convenience, or are you always a smart shopper?

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  1. I need to do this Sandy. I bet it tastes so much fresher and I love the turkey salad idea. My kids have some serious appetites these days, I’m at the deli constantly!

  2. Goodness, Sandy, I have one of those breasts in my fridge now waiting for me to slice it up! Great minds and all that. :) We like it sliced regular for sandwiches, though – and I just use a sharp knife, no appliance needed. :)

  3. I buy whole bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts when they are on sale. Roast them, de bone and freeze individually in freezer bags. Take out as needed, thaw in fridge, and slice for sandwiches.

  4. It usually depends (convenience vs. smart shopping), but I think usually smart shopping wins out, since I’m about using my grocery money wisely and I’m working more and more at buying more organic, natural items. This is a great idea.

  5. Hi Sandy,

    Love this idea! And the turkey salad looks delicious! I like what the other commenter said – just add mayo and you’re all set! :-) This is the perfect thing to keep in the fridge for quick and easy lunches or to top a salad with for dinner.

    Yes – I am so with you. I love to buy in bulk and just break it up in any way appropriate so I can save money. Every once and a while I go for convenience but it’s getting rarer and rarer. Convenience is just getting too expensive!

    And on food processors…I couldn’t agree more. I LOVE my Kitchen Aid. I got rid of my Cuisinart years ago…and so funny that it was for the same reason as another commenter. I didn’t like the top…and eventually it warped which was terrible. I’ve had my Kitchen Aid for many years now and it is such a work horse and looks and works as good as the day I bought it. :-)

    Have a great weekend!


  6. You’re so clever! Love this!

  7. I invested in a meat slicer from Cabela’s a few years ago. Remembering how my mom had one and would slice roasts for sandwiches as she was very frugal helped me decide that it was worth it. I buy whole turkey roasts and bavarian hams from Sam’s Club, slice them up all at once, package in small saran wrap packets and place them in large ziplocks for the freezer. Just need to thaw one package for a week of lunchbox meals. I am so thankful that I was raised in a home where there was always a search for a better option. This mentality helps me to reinvigorate leftovers into a new meal too.

    • Hi, Heidi. Meat slicers are great tools, too. I just don’t have room in my kitchen for so many appliances so I try to make the ones I have work (hard) for me. :) Thanks for sharing! I think packaging up the meats is also the secret!

  8. I have been thinking of doing in this in order to avoid the nitrates in deli meat. It hadn’t occured to me that it would be so much cheaper. Thank you for the extra incentive.

  9. Back again! Since I’m in the market for a new food processor could you have a discussion on the best choice? My old Cuisnart was so heavy and I hated the way the top attached that I gave it away. Rather hear from those that use them than the online reviews….often doubtful.

  10. Fantastic idea. You got like twice the product at a much better price.

    I am a convenience shopper on some things. But if I only save around a dollar buying a big bag of shredded Tillamook vs. buying the same amount in blocks and shredding it in my food processer I buy the shredded.

    Anymore I use my food processor for everything. I like to get the big package of mushrooms at Costco, slice them thin and then dehydrate them. I put them in a freezer Ziplocs and freeze them. Each Friday for pizza night I grab out what I need for my calzone. I’ve made scones with my food processor, too. I’ve turned this into a food processor commercial… sorry Sandy :)

    • Hi, Erin. It’s amazing the things we can do if we just take the time (and plan ahead). I love my food processor and Ziploc bags, too! :)

  11. Great idea! I see the food processor… chopped the breast in it? Just cut the breast into chunks and then into the processor? At one time my family had the home option of a counter meat slicer and it was a dream for ‘slicing’ meat or blocks of cheese. This shredded version is almost turkey salad, just needs the mayo. I like this idea. Any tips on using the processor for meat?

    • Yes, Dee, we just cut the breast into chunks and put into the processor. It works great!

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