Day 11: Serving Flavored Herb and Fruit Water

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series.

At the beginning of summer I’ll stock up on drinks for our outdoor fridge, but I have found that people really like water!

An inexpensive way to a beautiful display of water, but to use herbs from the garden, is to take your homegrown herbs and make flavored water.

I always add oranges and lemons. And if you have them, make sure and include slices of lime.

The other day I washed the mint and added water and ice.

My son is home from college so he was my little guinea pig. He loved the light taste of mint!

Refreshing and perfect for a hot summer day.

Really, there’s nothing like water.

It’s my favorite drink for summer time entertaining.

Do you have any tips on cool ways to serve water to your guests?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

17 comments on “Day 11: Serving Flavored Herb and Fruit Water”

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  2. I am having a pool side Luau for my daughter’s 8th grade graduation and LOVE the idea of serving this beauty-full water! Thanks for the tip!

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  6. I drink a lot of flavored water and I love to serve it to guests. Favorite combinations include cucumbers and mint, rosemary and mint, rosemary and lime, and mint and lemon.

  7. I love flavoring my water with fruits and herbs. My current favorite is very thinly sliced lemon and english cucumbers. My husband even drinks it. Can’t wait for my basil to grow a little more!

  8. I surprised my hubby with a carafe of cucumber mint water one afternoon by the pool, and he told me he felt “LOVED” by it…it really does perk things up. Beautiful presentation and it tastes so good!

  9. I love water with lemon but I also like it with cucumber for a change of pace. I’ll have to try the mint. Or maybe basil? Or cucumber mint? Or…

  10. I had a cucumber slice in my water at the restaurant we were at last night, and it was so light and refreshing. I love lime too!

  11. Sandy, I love how you set out your flavored waters with your pretty crystal glasses. What a way to make a guest feel special!! You are the most thoughtful hostess. I love your ideas.

  12. Oh yes! I love flavored water! My favorite of all time is pineapple water. When you take the rind off, wash/scrub it well, and float it in some water for awhile. So refreshing! I also like cucumber water, and the combo of lemon balm and mint. Citrus is always a winner too – my favorite being lime. I think I need to go infuse a pitcher now – this talk is making me thirsty :-)

  13. We love water with lemon slices and will try it with orange slices tonight! Thanks for all the great tips this month!

  14. This is so true.

    I remember back years ago when my girlfriends and i were given a weekend at the Ritz Carlton in Naples by our husbands – child free. We were sitting out by the pool, thirsty and didn’t want liquor, or soda. We wanted water. But i have a confession. I hate bottled water.

    I wanted water with lemon and ice. So i asked the RC waiter to bring me a pitcher of TAP water with lemon and ice inside and glasses. He looked at me like i had lost my mind. HE EVEN OFFERED TO OPEN BOTTLES OF EVIAN AND POUR IN – good grief no – TAP please. I think he may have even rolled his eyes.

    Then we watched as he got asked by at least 3 different groups for the same thing!! Seiriously, what looks more refreshing – a pitcher of water with some citrus or a tray of bottles with water capped inside.

  15. Water is a great ‘base” and always looks beautiful, especially when ‘dressed up”. Your photographs of the glasses are beautiful, by the way!

  16. Water is our favorite Summer drink to. But I never thought about adding mint leaves. I bet that taste refreshing. It would be pretty to partial freeze a lemon or orange wedge in ice and let it float around. It’ll serve as both coolness and flavor. Plus I think it would be pretty. Just a thought.

  17. Mint and a slice of lemon have always been my favorites when serving water. In fact I remember one time when I served to a really thirsty handyman who was installing my ceiling fans, he was pleasantly surprised and said that people usually didn’t pay much attention to the water they gave him. I always remember that little sentence. It reminds me that every little thing counts when we want to show we care. We can make others happy with the smallest of gestures if it comes from the heart.
    Thank you Sandy! :)

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