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Candles have been around forever, and for outdoor entertaining, they add the glow and feel that makes the night very intimate.

That is, if you are in the company of good people and inspiring conversation.

One tip for keeping the conversation healthy? Talk about positive things, encourage one another, learn not to gossip and cut others down. In some homes “hospitality” happens, but to be honest, it’s always talk about other people and what they are doing. It’s small talk and gossip.

A great saying goes like this:

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, and little minds discuss people.

My favorite candles for outdoor entertaining are the very large tea lights. I have a hard time finding them in any other stores but IKEA. They now carry the large colored ones, too.

The tall glass jars are perfect for the outdoors because when the wind picks up, the flame won’t go out.

As the evening fades, candles actually enhance the mood.

Oh, and the conversation might get a little heated, especially when passion is involved, but if it’s built around something meaningful and substantial … the flame will never go out!

(Again … study the above quote.)

Do you try to create a positive mood and conversation around your table when hosting a dinner party?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining