Day 9: Leave Your Technology at the Front Door

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series.

Come on in, but leave your technology at the front door!*

Or better yet, for summer entertaining, leave your technology at the back door.

Finally, we have a tray/place for our guests and our family members on which to put sunglasses and keys and cell phones, as they enter our outdoor entertaining area.

It’s perfect for guests as they come into the outdoor space, to rid themselves of technology, to grab a drink and to sit down.

Relax! Put your feet up!

To say “no” to cell phones, iPods,, iPhones, etc. And to have a great time.

I can’t wait to use my “technology tray” this summer. To let it fill up … (I may just hide it until the party is over. HA!)

Do you have a place where your guests can put their technology stuff?

(This space is available to put phones, keys, etc., but I’d never tell our guests that they have to. It’s also nice to know everything is in one place and easy to find when they are ready to leave.) :)

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

21 comments on “Day 9: Leave Your Technology at the Front Door”

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  6. I think it’s a great idea…especially with teenagers…or I guess anyone in general who feels the need to have their phone out and busy when they should be visiting with others.

  7. This is such a great idea!

  8. Great idea! Maybe I really need to that! When we have all our families over once a month for family fellowship, I don’t have a designated area for all the diaper bags, purses, and technology. I’m going to need to come up with something so this gives me some incentive!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  9. Great idea Sandy! I’m going to give it a try!

  10. I truly love this idea. I am going to think about doing that as well. It seems like the tables and counters are forever cluttered with keys and phones and sunglasses when we have guests.

  11. I love this idea! Like some other commenters, I’m curious: Do you make your guests put away their technology, or do you just offer it quietly as an option by having it near the door where all guests can see? I get so tired of how tied we all are to our phones — I’m guilty too! — and this seems like a really nice alternative during parties and gatherings. I’d be curious to know if you’ve tried it and how it went over.

  12. So with you on this one…. I’m off to get me a tray. =)

  13. What an interesting concept. I love it! I’m just wondering if guests would be ok with it. Please let us know how your guests react!

  14. I know I’ve seen a unit that has chargers in it.
    I wonder if that would be an even more inviting way to get guests and family to ‘unplug’ during a party?

  15. I love love love this idea! We had a few friends over a couple of weeks ago. When we’d start a discussion and couldn’t remember a detail or wondered about something, one of our friends would pick up their iPhone and google the question. The other friend took a picture of the meal and tweeted it (I think that’s a compliment?)

    I hated the distraction, but didn’t know how to politely say “devices down”. Stowing them at the beginning of the evening takes care of all that.

    Great idea!

  16. this is interesting – do you ask your guest to leave the techno gear at the door or just hope they’ll get the hint? we were at friends for dinner last night and i purposefully left everything in the car – i didn’t need it, so why bring it in? such a freedom!

  17. I love this idea! I actually think its really rude to take phone calls or text when you are visiting with friends. People need to FOCUS these days!

  18. No, but that’s a great idea! Thanks.

  19. I LOVE this Sandy! It’s so easy to not put it down…. great reminder that when you arrive {either in your own backyard escape or someone else’s} to turn off from technology and embrace the beauty outside with friends and family. Love this series!!! Have a blessed day today Friend!

  20. This is a wonderful idea! I’m really trying to observe the etiquette of *not* looking at my cell-phone every two minutes when I am spending time with other people…it’s amazing how much more relaxed I am and how much more fulfilling the time with others is when I do this.

  21. I am so with you on this one. I wish more of us would put the cell phone down and start connecting with the people right in front of us!

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