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I am so blessed by so many personal emails and comments that come my way. Really, not only are they encouraging to me in keeping up with RE, I know that when readers read the comments, they are inspired, too. Like this recent comment …

Recently, I was entertaining family. The week of the BBQ was not a good week and I did not have the proper time to prep as I had planned. I had wanted a “cutesy” red and white BBQ. I considered canceling the whole thing but thought about the philosophy I’ve learned from your blog and decided to go ahead with the get together even though it wouldn’t be “perfect”. I’m SO glad I did. No one even knew my original plan and everyone had a great time.

So many times I have a “grand” idea in my mind of how I want to do something.

I’d say that entertaining for me usually starts with the excitement over who to invite! And then I start planning. But I agree with Sheila, who left me the comment above. My ideas get thwarted usually by busyness and then it’s really tempting to cancel the entire dinner. For sure there have been times when I’ve cancelled for legitimate reasons, but our minds can really play tricks on us when we let “perfectionism” get in the way.

That’s why I love my KISS philosophy.

Keep it Simple Sister!

Next time you’re tempted to cancel your party, remember to KISS, and then move on to an easier plan.

Do you ever get freaked out after you’ve “invited,” and hen you feel like canceling?

Today is my 20th Anniversary, the best 20 years of my life. I am truly blessed!

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30 days of Summer Entertaining