Day 7: Napkin Options for Summer Entertaining

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series.

Every time food is involved, napkins are a must.

For appetizers, the main course, even for dessert, you have to have something for your guests to use.

I use cloth if they are ironed and ready, or IKEA paper napkins, which I find highly affordable (especially if you buy the large packs), and I recently discovered the NEW disposable My-Drap tear-off napkins that I hear you can wash up to 6 times.

I’m going to be trying these soon, so I’ll let you know what I think about them.

Whatever is quick and accessible for outdoor entertaining, you can really dress up your table beautifully.

Do you tend to use paper or cloth with summer entertaining?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

18 comments on “Day 7: Napkin Options for Summer Entertaining”

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  4. Cloth for smaller get togethers, paper for large parties. I’ve got tons of cloth napkins that I’ve collected from yard sales and thrift stores. I think cloth wipes messy hands and faces much better than paper, and it’s greener too!

  5. HELP!! I love using paper napkins but I have a problem! I have a dresser I use as storage for my linens and paper napkins. I also stored STRONG sented candles in it. Now, all of my paper napkins have that same perfumy smell! Its hard to bring them close to my face! What do I do??? I think I am going to use charcoal so that i can get the smell out of the dresser but will I have to throw away all my napkins?
    I love reading your blog – you have always been a great help!

  6. Hi Sandy, We almost always use cloth. It’s what we use as a family, and I’ve collected a ton of them over the years. If we’re having something messy, I just try to not get out the white ones!

    I’m enjoying this series, but in my email, the pictures are HUGE and distorted.

    Thanks for your encouragement.


  7. Depends on what we’re serving. The messier the dish, for example ribs, the more likely I am to use paper napkins. This way, you can use as many napkins as you need.

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  9. Sweet Friend and (as Anne of Green Gables coined) dear “kindred spirit”;
    Thank you for your book “the reluctant entertainer”.
    I have plans to make it a standing gift for all bridal showers and
    college graduations, alongside the enviable envelope !
    I was blessed to have won my copy from Rhoda’s blog over at Southern Hospitality.
    So, now it is my turn to pay it forward.

    I love your blog, and am looking forwrad to passing on the info you share to
    all my friends and daughters.

    The message you share about hospitality is so clearly from Spirit, who like Mary,
    wants our Martha hearts to just live in the moment of what is the one important thing.
    Sharing and showing real love.

    –blessings to and for you,
    patti g.

  10. So looking forward to the rest of this series! When we were chatting about summer plans, the two still at home (son 16, daughter 9), both voiced a desire to have friends over…often! Would you consider a post or two highlighting hospitality to/for/by kids (or some variation thereof)? I would like to make this a memorable summer for all involved, of a place where love, good food and blessing abound. Bring it on!!

  11. It really depends on what we are doing, a casual gathering with a buffet, and no set dinner places, then paper is on the menu. Once I set a table or two, then the cloth comes out. Loving this series. a lot. I think I will have to go find washable paper napkins somewhere and give them a try. sounds intriguing. the bible study ladies luncheon on saturday – cloth napkins!

  12. I also love your book. Felt as if you were personally talking to me! I’m loving this series as well.

    For me, paper is the way to go. Have mine in a napkin holder just like the one you have pictured. They still blow away though when a big gust blows through. I’m looking forward to trying the “washable paper” napkins as well.

  13. Sandy, I just have to tell you how much I am enjoying this series. :) I’ve read your book and it was so freeing for me to realize that entertaining is really not about me. I do still struggle with getting my feelings hurt when I hear about other couples and families getting together (and we aren’t invited), but I’m beginning to see that I shouldn’t let that stop me from planning my own get-together. :)

  14. I always use nice quality white paper napkins. Thanks to recent great sales and coupons, I’ve stocked up on Vanity Fair and Chinet, in both “everyday” and dinner sizes.

  15. we use paper napkins for everything!

  16. I almost always use a good quality paper napkin, unless I’m doing something more “formal”. I wouldn’t checking out those washable IKEA ones though…sounds great!

  17. I prefer paper for summer entertaining, particularly outdoors. If napkins are going to blow away, I’d rather they were IKEA paper than embroidered linen! Also because we tend to eat “stickier” foods eg barbeque dishes and also salad dressings which can be hard to wash out of treasured linens. The important thing is to have plenty so that your guests remain comfortable.

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