Day 6: Using ONE Classic Water Glass for Outdoor Entertaining

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What I love about outdoor entertaining is that it can still be classy and elegant.

One way is to bring your water goblets to the outdoors (make sure they are chunky or heavy duty), in either a large container, bowl, or basket.

Line with a clean towel.

I use my Dollar Store goblets all season long, for different kinds of dinner parties. Years ago I had several boxes of summer goblets of different colors, but I got tired of the space they took up so I pared down and gave them away.

Why not just use ONE CLASSIC water glass?

I often think we accumulate way too much STUFF.

I don’t go for the “unbreakable” dinnerware anymore, because it just takes up space. It’s not that far to carry out the dishes to my outdoor entertaining space, and trays also come in handy. I’ve yet to have anything break outside when entertaining. Have you?

What are your thoughts on having too many entertaining supplies, and would “one” glass for all entertaining purposes work for you?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

16 comments on “Day 6: Using ONE Classic Water Glass for Outdoor Entertaining”

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  3. Oh how pretty and elegant!!! Such a wonderful idea!!! I found you from the best of the blogisphere series at Kate’s (centsationalgirl) and I will now be one of your newest followers, I love entertaining, and you have such great information!!!!!

  4. Your back patio is such a beautiful setting for a party and I love your sectional!

  5. Whoops! That should read “I am enjoying this SERIES so very much”…lol

  6. I am enjoying this serious so very much! I used it for the inspiration (and a shout out) for my own post today! Thank you for always keeping me encouraged!

  7. It is something that I have to do anyway -tiny apartment, not much space to have 5 different sets of tableware- but I also enjoy it.
    It has another advantage, if you have decided that you will use only 1 set of water/wine glasses for instance, and if you see another cute set in the shop, it is much easier to tell yourself “I will not buy this set, because I am using only 1 set of glasses”….than adding just another set to the 6 you already have in your cupboard. :)
    Thank you Sandy for taking your blog so seriously, it is a pleasure to see your latest post in my inbox every morning.

  8. Love this idea! I have been looking for something similar to what you have. Do you have any ideas?

  9. Every time I see your water glasses I tell myself I NEED to get to the dollar store and look for something like this. I have a set of 12 generic wine glasses that I use for most of my entertaining. I like to change them up with funky wine charms.

  10. I am with you. We use the real dishes most of the time…I don’t like the clutter of too many dishes. I was just going to write a post on this tomorrow. One of my favorite things for entertaining is my tealight holders from IKEA…I use them for everything…sauces, milk cups, mini desserts, butter dishes for dinner parties etc. Happy Monday.

  11. What a fabulous idea, and it looks stunning!
    Happy Day!

  12. I love this idea. I admit to having a soft spot for serving ware, but most of the time there really is no reason to have special “indoor and outdoor” dishes. We don’t entertain outside much yet (at the moment we just have a small bistro table and two chairs), but when we do I won’t be buying any special dishes for it.

  13. Great post Sandy! I think I always say that…..oh well, it’s always true (C: I like the idea of having “one set of glassware” that can be used for all things. I don’t quite have that yet, but I keep my eye open for the one that catches my eye, and I always look at the Dollar Tree (C:

  14. Great thought..they probably wouldn’t blow away in the Kansas wind either! I have to keep my deck pretty sparse because of that darn wind and the dust, but would love to add this bit of sparkle when we do eat out there!

  15. Isn’t it funny that we can long for such things as unbreakable dishes, and then end up realizing later that it’s best just to enjoy what we have? I love the way your water goblets look in that big bowl–elegant yet fun. Now I’d like to come to your house in the summertime and use one of those! (If you come to my house in the summertime, we might just end up staying indoors–it was in the high 90’s here last week!)

  16. It looks great, very elegant and adds a great touch for an outside party. Not sure if this would work when children are around though…b/c it would just be too tempting for them to try to get the “best” water glass out of the bunch :) that might create some broken glass

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