Day 8: When You Feel Like Canceling the Party

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series.

I am so blessed by so many personal emails and comments that come my way. Really, not only are they encouraging to me in keeping up with RE, I know that when readers read the comments, they are inspired, too. Like this recent comment …

Recently, I was entertaining family. The week of the BBQ was not a good week and I did not have the proper time to prep as I had planned. I had wanted a “cutesy” red and white BBQ. I considered canceling the whole thing but thought about the philosophy I’ve learned from your blog and decided to go ahead with the get together even though it wouldn’t be “perfect”. I’m SO glad I did. No one even knew my original plan and everyone had a great time.

So many times I have a “grand” idea in my mind of how I want to do something.

I’d say that entertaining for me usually starts with the excitement over who to invite! And then I start planning. But I agree with Sheila, who left me the comment above. My ideas get thwarted usually by busyness and then it’s really tempting to cancel the entire dinner. For sure there have been times when I’ve cancelled for legitimate reasons, but our minds can really play tricks on us when we let “perfectionism” get in the way.

That’s why I love my KISS philosophy.

Keep it Simple Sister!

Next time you’re tempted to cancel your party, remember to KISS, and then move on to an easier plan.

Do you ever get freaked out after you’ve “invited,” and hen you feel like canceling?

Today is my 20th Anniversary, the best 20 years of my life. I am truly blessed!

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

30 comments on “Day 8: When You Feel Like Canceling the Party”

  1. Happy belated Anniversery!!! What a beautiful picture and what a gorges dress. Did you keep your dress?

  2. Happy anniversary dear Sandy! You were a beautiful beautiful bride :) and you don’t look that much different now :)
    I have 19 years to get to my own 20th anniversary :)

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  4. Happy Belated Anniversary! Some of our best parties have been impromptu! My daughter is serving as a missionary in Mexico, and she came home this last week. Suddenly after church on Sunday, we had 10 extra people for lunch. It was great. People were focused on people, and we had a lovely time. This reminds me of how blessed we are with family and friends.

  5. Happy Belated Anniversary!! :)

    There are many times it would be easier to walk away from the “chore” of hosting a party. But when it’s all said and done the laughter of family and friends makes up for all of the work that went in to it.

  6. Funny you mention your (Happy!) Anniversary. I’m planning the biggest party of my life – my own wedding. Your 10 Commandments and your KISS principle are always uppermost in my mind. Just last night I was telling the fiance about the table favors I want to make and I got, “Oh I forgot to tell you, my mom has a tradition of making table favors for family weddings and she’s already working on ours.” Normally that would have really gotten me corked – hers won’t fit my theme. But – in the grand sceme of things, who looks back on a wedding 20, 30, 40 years down the road and recalls table favors??? No one. And like your commenter above – no one will ever know my original plan for favors so why stress over them?

  7. Absolutely but I never say it out loud and we always end up having a wonderful time. Happy Anniversary!

  8. I never usually want to cancel but I do confess that sometimes I catch myself thinking “I can’t wait till this is over”. Isn’t that horrible ; /

  9. Happy Anniversary! I celebrate my 29th in a few weeks!! My hubby and I are high school sweethearts and have actually been together for 35 years. We’ve been together that long and I still get “cold feet” and want to cancel a party for family and friends sometimes. Since reading your book I’ve tried to remember KISS and it really does work if I can remember to chant it in my head. I have one friend who goes overboard all the time when she entertains (even last minute Happy Hour at 5 on a Friday)….that makes me nervous and I don’t want to “drop by.” I sometimes feel as if she is judging me but then again I am actually enjoying my guests and not running around the kitchen.

  10. Happy Anniversary!! I love the wedding photo. I’m a June bride as well, our anniversary is next Thursday!

    I love your blog. The 30 days series is wonderful! Thanks for all of your words of wisdom and inspiration!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

  12. Happy anniversary! What a beautiful photo! (Although I have to admit, your hubby’s 90’s hair made me laugh. ;) Enjoy your day.

  13. Sandy, the photo is AWESOME!! Congratulations and have a beautiful day!!!

  14. Loving your 30 days of Summer Entertaining series! The last few years–okay, close to 10 years have been a virtual ‘dry spell’ in our lives when it comes to entertaining. We’ve been so busy with our kids and their events. Our adult interaction has mainly been with coworkers and other parents at our kids events.

    Not that I’m complaining, our lives have been full and we’re blessed with two fantastic daughters. We are about to become empty nesters this fall, and I’m getting revved to begin this new chapter in our lives, which is sure to include a few gatherings!

    Thanks for the inspiration.


  15. What a positive reminder…and in the end it is about the time we share not the stage we set!

    Happy Anniversary!!!!!

  16. Wow! I needed to hear this today. Planning a 85th birthday for my MIL this weekend. Family get together . Struggling with the details. You’re right. No one will know the original plan. :) Thanks for the gentle reminder. :)

    Oh, and Happy Anniversary!

  17. Congrats Sandy!!!……..we celebrate #25 in 2 weeks!

    What a gorgeous bride you were……and still are!!

  18. Congratulations on 20 years! Hopefully we will make it there as well.

  19. Oh! Your wedding picture looks like a fairytale. LOVE all the green surrounding you. Congrats on 20 years!

  20. I tend to make a mountain out of a mole hill…when I keep it simple, I free myself to enjoy it.
    Thanks for this post. Awesome!

  21. Happy anniversary! I love that photo of you and your husband.

    I’ve never actually gotten to the point of considering canceling a party I’ve already invited people to, but I usually start out the planning process feeling really excited and then start getting frustrated the day of the party when nothing is quite perfect. I’m learning to go with the flow and not panic when things inevitably go a little wrong.

  22. This post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I have a 16th birthday party planned for my 16 yr old. My husband came down with the summer flu and has been laid up for the past 4 days. Everything we planned on getting done outside hasn’t been done. There was nothing major to accomplish, just little things and tidying up. The next 2 days are going to be near 100 here with high humidity, not the kind of weather to work outside in.

    I did consider cancelling the party. I really did. Then I thought about my son and how he would feel, and I thought back to everything you have taught us about not having to have everything perfect and I changed my mind. The people coming to the party are my family and close friends and a bunch of teenagers. I don’t think that they will even notice that the flower beds could use some extra weeding or that the yard isn’t “perfect”. I really stopped and thought about the reason I’m having the party….to celebrate my son and spend time with the people I love. So plans are on, I’ll be cooking up a storm in the kitchen. I have a taco bar and an ice cream bar planned, so I’m sure my yard will be the last thing on anyones mind. Thanks Sandy. You made me stop and reflect, and move along!!

  23. Happy Anniversary!!!!

    I love what your reader said; I need to remind myself that my guests don’t know my original plans, so they don’t know how far I’ve been sidetracked! :)

  24. Thanks for this series! I live with roommates and sometimes it’s a little more complicated to be hospitable than if I had my own home. In fact, I’ve put off inviting some people from work over because I didn’t feel like I could shape things up enough. But your series has convinced me that such an attitude is counterproductive!

  25. Happy Anniversary and well done. I think lots of us get cold feet just before entertaining but deep inside we know that our true friends are not coming over to check whether you home-made every bit of the food, or check that your home is A1 clean and tidy – they’re just pleased to spend time with us.

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