Setting a Table for Two for Valentine’s Day

I recently thought back a few years to a unique Valentine’s Day I spent with my husband.

I changed it up a bit and served dinner in a different room, with an intimate setting.

We sat on the floor around a small table and enjoyed a quiet evening together – no kids! Yeah! (Although I can’t remember who watched the kids? Maybe our neighbor.)

Even though my husband and I have never felt like we’ve “had to” celebrate Valentine’s Day “on the actual day,” we’ve always prioritized date nights. So important for a healthy marriage.

If you’re looking for a new idea, something you can do at home (which saves a lot of money), why not get a babysitter and change it up a bit?

How to set a table for 2 for Valentine’s Day:

-Find a unique setting in the house, with a small table

-Pull out a fresh table cloth, perferrably white

-Set the table using special or wedding dishes

-Make the setting romantic with candles

-Think of an easy menu; add touches of red candy or flowers

-And don’t forget the music. You can find a favorite Pandora station with a wireless speaker that moves from room to room, so you’ll have beautiful background music.

Restaurants are awesome, but changing it up and doing something different at home adds an element of surprise!

Enjoy being with the one you love, on the day that works best for both of you, and create a NEW unique memory.

Have you ever done anything unique for Valentine’s Day? (That you can write on a family blog?!?) :)

I also love this “Let’s Go on a Date” idea from Shannon Brown. I’ll do anything to encourage date nights (just ask my friends, for 20 years I’ve talked about our weekly date nights). :)

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  3. Love your table for two- and sweet that you shared my daughters idea about date night. Awesome.
    this year I am giving my HD a leather bond scrapbook where I plan to keep a “romantic” history of our dates.

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  5. Your setup is so pretty and romantic! Love the idea of sitting on the floor with cuishions.. Loving your site, can’t wait to explore your other tips!

  6. Love this idea, Sandy! Simple, subtle changes can make a big difference in setting the mood. I featured your post today along with some other Valentine links at Savoring Today–have a great weekend.

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  8. Love this idea! So not a fan of restaurants, especially on Valentine’s Day…they are sooo crowded. We love to cook together, so this would be a great night for that special meal. We have a small table in our library and have never eaten in there. Thanks for the idea!

  9. Love this idea. Chocolate fondue would be a lot of fun!

  10. Hi Sandy,

    I just love this idea! It is so romantic.

    Like Kim’s post – we did have a fondue on the coffee table in front of our fireplace but we did it for Christmas Eve…with our son too…but never thought of doing this for Valentine’s Day.

    Like you, we don’t worry too much about the specific day we celebrate. This year we are going to try and get some friends together to celebrate as you suggested in a previous blog post. That seems so fun. But my husband and I are reserving Sunday to do something special together just the two of us.

    Not sure this is unique – but it was definitely family fun – for Valentine’s Day…when my son (who was a toddler at the time) and I baked a heart-shaped cake with pink frosting. I let me son frost it and then have his way with the decorations. When my husband got home, there was more icing and sprinkles on me and Ben than there was on the cake but it put a smile on my husband’s face to see us laughing and smiling together. It made for both nice memories and lots of photos that we can now look back at.

    Mary :-)

  11. I love what you’ve created. So romantic, and, yes, music is a must and adds such a special touch to the evening. Oh, the Valentine’s Day stories I could tell … hmmm …. not family friendly, perhaps. LOL! But, seriously, I’m married to a romantic soul and he always makes special occasions extra special. One year (back in the busy years), I had been doing some contract work for a major client and the job was so demanding, long hours, offsite. On VDay, a huge bouquet of red roses was delivered (my favorite), then when I drove home, he had prepared a 4-course meal, and had the dining room looking like a 4-star restaurant … candles, china, silver …. AND … romantic music spilled into the room–great for slow dancing. It was an evening I’ve never forgotten, because it came from his heart and was created from love.

  12. I love this idea! It’s sweet and simple and I kind of hate going to a restaurant on Valentine’s Day. One year we went to one of our favorite restaurants (a converted historic home), we’d made reservations, and stood in the foyer shoulder to shoulder with about 100 other people. The food was wonderful but I always think about waiting 45 minutes with barely room to move.

    Even if I don’t do this for V-Day, I’m going to try it.

  13. My simple date night “go to” is dinner by the fireplace, coffee table set with candles and some flowers (if there are any around the house) and cheese fondue. Serve it with a salad and a crusty baguette and good bottle of wine. Sets the mood for romance, which we all need more of. Don’t you think?

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