Graduation Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

Friends! Today I’m hosting a #ShareaCokeContest giveaway for ONE winner (2 free air tickets) to fly across the USA to visit family or friends! How exciting is this? Plus, a very fun Graduation Soda Float Party with all the sweet details. (Contest is now closed.)

Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

It has never been easier – or more exciting – to Share a Coke with family, friends, party guests, colleagues and more. This year, Coca-Cola will offer consumers the ability to personalize and purchase iconic eight-ounce glass “Share a Coke” bottles on

Graduation Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

Because Coca Cola knows how important it is to spend time with loved ones during special moments in our lives–whether an out-of-town wedding, a family reunion, a graduation, Father’s Day, a summer barbecue, or even a long weekend with a cross-country friend–this summer could be your chance to connect with that person. Read on to find out how you can win this easy contest!

Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

We are celebrating our daughter’s high school graduation in style–our last child to leave the home, which means we are on our way to empty-nester-land–this year with a Soda Float Party, including 8-ounce bottles of Coca-Cola® personalized with “Abby ’15.”

Abby ’15!

Here’s a big CHEERS to our graduating girl!

Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

Custom order.

These cute custom-ordered “Share a Coke” bottles are so fun!  For your next celebration, select or request a name up to 18 characters on the label, and then have them delivered within 7 to 10 business days!

Graduation Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

Soda Float Party.

Everyone serves themselves with little mess and stress.

Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

Soda poured onto a delicious scoop of ice-cold ice cream or gelato. The key to a successful soda float station is to start with ice-cold products.

Graduation Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!


The basic set-up includes a table, flowers and a tassel garland, a tub for ice to store the ice cream, an ice cream scoop, ice-cold glasses (canning jars work fabulously – mix and match the colors), spoons and straws.

Graduation Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

For the Coca-Cola® bottles, remember to leave a bottle opener at this station!

Ice Cream, Gelato, or Sorbet.

Set out a variety of ice creams, gelatos, or sorbets, placing them in one large tub filled with ice. Don’t forget to add in unusual flavors, such as Salted Caramel, or Cookie Butter ice cream.

Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

Abby ’15 Bottles.

Serve Customized Coca-Cola® bottles and chilled glasses to ensure the coldest drink! You can also set out an assortment of sodas, such as root beer, fruity seltzers, and cream soda.

Graduation Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!


Although toppings aren’t really necessary with a float, some guests may enjoy making a sundae. Set out other toppings such as chocolate, caramel, cookie pieces, and chocolate sprinkles.

Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!

ONE WINNER (2 tickets):

Now for the fabulous contest … I get to help ONE of my lucky readers share a Coke with family, friends and loved ones during a special moment this summer, and I couldn’t be more excited. Are you ready for all the details?

Contest is now closed. The winner is #1080 Patricia Brousseau Caradonna. Thank you everyone for entering!


The “Share a Coke” prize pack consists of vouchers for (2) round-trip flights on United Airlines to anywhere in the continental U.S., Caribbean, Mexico, Central America or Hawaii PLUS a $500 Visa gift card ($1,700 Approximate Retail Value). (The flights can be redeemed through voucher codes on and will be good for one year from the issue date).


How do you celebrate sharable moments with friends and family?

Then, complete the steps in the giveaway (Rafflecopter) widget (below), for additional ways to enter, including another chance to comment and enter with a link to your Pinterest board!

Contest is now closed. The winner is #1080 Patricia Brousseau Caradonna. Thank you everyone for entering!


  1. Create your own Pinterest board. Share how you would celebrate holidays or summer events by creating a Pinterest board titled #ShareaCokeContest and pinning your party inspiration. Make sure to include the #ShareaCokeContest hashtag in your pin descriptions as well.
  2. Comment below with a link to your pinboard and be entered to win! Copy the unique pinboard URL and submit it as a comment on my “Share a Coke” blog post with the hashtag #ShareaCokeContest. This will count as a submission.
  3. Any party ideas are welcome— holiday/event/personal inspiration – whatever that includes, and it does NOT have to include Coca-Cola products in order to win.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

You can visit to find out if a name is available on store shelves, or customize and purchase a glass bottle. “Share a Coke” packaging also will be available on 1.25-liter, 2-liter bottles, 12-ounce cans, aluminum bottles and even Coca-Cola freestyle fountain dispensers, which will offer limited-time “Share a Coke” mixes.

Important Details and Rules:

This is a sponsored post through a partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, and as always, all opinions are my own. Prizes provided by The Coca-Cola Company. The Coca-Cola Company is not a sponsor, administrator or connected in any other way with this program.  The winner who receives this prize is responsible for any taxes. I’ll be taking entries until August 7, 2015 at 11:45 pm PT. Winner will be contacted via email. US Entries only, please.

Soda Float Party

Easy party or summer entertaining with this Soda Float Party recipe!


  • 3 tubs of ice cream, gelato, or sorbet
  • Favorite soda drinks, fruity seltzers, or cream soda
  • Ice cream toppings + whipped cream (optional)


  1. Fill a large lined tub with ice and place 3 tubs of ice cream inside, with an ice cream scoop.
  2. Set out a variety of soda pop flavors.
  3. Set out chilled glasses. Fill each glass with ice cream, then slowly pour soda over the top, about half way. Continue pouring until the foam is to the top of the glass. Add a straw and a spoon; serve.
All images and text ©

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309 comments on “Graduation Soda Float Party and #ShareaCokeContest Trip for 2!”

  1. I love to have a backyard barbeque with barbeque purchased from Arthur Bryants in Kansas City.

  2. Coke float party is a fabulous idea Sandy!! we did an Italian Soda bar for Allison’s grad party last year and it was a huge hit – the ice cream sodas with the personalized bottles are perfect! we were thinking of doing that for Father’s Day because my husband bleeds Coke! ;)

    have a wonderful weekend friend! xoxox

  3. I celebrate share special moments with friends and family by coming together over a meal and some nice conversation!


  5. We celebrate with an evening out and a good meal with friends.

  6. With FOOD! We love to cookout!.

  7. We head to the lake for fishing and kayaking and back porch sitting!

  8. With homemade ice cream and grilling out. We always have Coke, too.

  9. I like making a special meal – something we’ve never had before – and taking lots and lots of pictures :)

  10. Last year was our oldest girls graduation and we had so much fun for her grad party…celebrating her and gathering with friends….tables out on the lawn, yummy goodies, music, just relaxing, being and enjoying one another…it was a fun, stress free day!

  11. We LOVE to make food a part of any event! :)

  12. What an adorable graduation party, and an amazing giveaway! Wow.. thank you for the opportunity!! We love to celebrate special occasions with good food and lots of friends. Brian’s birthday is in August. How much fun would it be to celebrate with a Coke-inspired party and a surprise trip to see his son in Arizona (who he hasn’t seen in 20 years!)

  13. We love to have family and friends in our barn by our two ponds.We usually have some fresh grass fed beef or free range chicken and every gets to shine by bringing a fabulous side dish. We have our drinks in our silver tubs ,we use for feeding our horses (after we wash them) full of drinks and ice. We have music , flowers and laughter!

  14. Love the graduation party idea. What a simple fun idea. We love to have a ice cream social in the summer time right before Labor Day to end the season with fresh summer fruit.

  15. What a fun graduation party, I love the personalized bottles!! Ice cream and food is always the best way to create memories and share with family and friends!

  16. I like to celebrate family with a homecooked meal.

  17. The only time we celebrate with friends and family is when I have the party – I do the cooking and I do the inviting :) Love this idea.

  18. We love family get-together so at our house! We have a relatively large back yard with a couple of beautiful flowerbeds for beauty, a cook-out area with smoker & grill, potting/buffet table for serving & an area for volleyball or badminton. My husband usually does the meat while our grown children provide the sides. A couple of patio table-and-chair sets let us eat together and then be spectators as the grandchildren & more energetic adults play around, maybe just pushing someone in the hammock! Are we blessed or what?

  19. We celebrate by getting together at Mom’s house, and it always includes chocolate!

  20. We usually meet at whosever house is the largest or closest and have a BBQ or potluck dinner with all the family. The party is usually to celebrate a graduation, wedding, birthday or anniversary so the decorations are done based on the theme of the get together. Lots of music and photos!

  21. What a fun party idea! We love to host get togethers with lots of food, friends and fun!

  22. Our family gets together on the outdoor patio around a fire visiting, eating and drinking. Cherished times.

    We love to hang out with family and friends and our sweet puppy Maggie. We love to barbeque, spend time with family at my mom’s house, camping. So many fun ways to celebrate being with the ones we love.

  24. We like to celebrate with a meal at a great restaurant or at our home. Pot lucks are my favorite way to make sure everyone feels included.

  25. I wish there was a way to edit comments. I posted the wrong link. This is the correct one: #ShareaCokeContest

  26. We love to celebrate all with a good cookout – lots of food, side salads, cokes, beer, whiskey.. good stuff!


  27. …with great food, usually bbq here in KC and lots of family and friends.

  28. We love to celebrate with good homemade food, drink, decorations and a table (or tables) set to celebrate the occasion.

  29. Darling party! I love the personalized sodas. Honestly, I may need a personalized Diet Coke to kick my mornings off!

  30. We usually get together at one of our houses, eat great food, visit and laugh a ton!

  31. My favorite way is to have everyone bring a dish to an old fashioned pot-luck supper. I supply whatever we will be grilling and pitchers of our favorite drinks.

  32. With love and really good food!!

  33. We get together for celebrations by having all family & friends over for delicious food!

  34. By counting stars and making s’mores at the campsite!!

  35. Summer evenings are the best with family and friends either backyard BBQ or at our favorite campground around the campfire sharing good food and stories.

  36. Our family loves to celebrate with sweets and games!

  37. We love to celebrate with good food and great friends and family!

  38. I have a BBQ and invite all my love ones. Then we celebrate

  39. My favorite shareable moments with people I’m close to always in-
    clues delicious foodprepared especially for them and since I am a diet coke Lover, I’d always have that on hand!

  40. My husband usually smokes several boston butts and everyone brings side dishes and dessert. We all get together at my dad’s and have a great time eating, laughing, and catching up on each other’s lives!

  41. Love having family and friends over for a backyard BBQ.

  42. I love a table of food. My favorite is a backyard barbecue or a picnic spread at a favorite spot by the river. Food, family, friends and a coke, it doesn’t get much better!

  43. I love to cook out with the family and sit around the fire pit in the summers!

  44. We celebrate with friends, family and lots of good food! We often have a BBQ!

  45. We celebrate those special moments so often here in our home- we pray over the gathering, inviting God’s dear Spirit to come and be our guest of honor to meet each heart in a special way so they can go home refreshed! We try to share food and conversation that shows each one HOW SPECIAL they are to us and we are the most blessed of all as hosts :) xoxo

  46. We head to the beach and just lay in the sand while the kids play keep away with the waves. Nothing special beyond just being together. Gold Beach is wonderful for that since there’s so many fewer people, we can just hang out and not worry about losing track of kiddos.

  47. There is always food involved in any of our celebrations! Love this coke float party, what an awesome idea and the custom bottles are absolutely perfect!

  48. I love these custom bottles … Super Cute! My family celebrates with backyard barbecues or ice cream sundae parties!

  49. We usually celebrate with a family or friends gathering with food and grilling on the Big Green Egg. Lots of outdoor time and coke is always served!

  50. Food. Stories. Adventures.

  51. We celebrate with backyard parties, either at home or at my grandparents’ cottage on the lake. Everyone brings a dish to share and, at the cottage, the night usually ends with a bonfire.

  52. My late mother-in-law used to buy the little 6-ounce glass bottles of Coke by the wooden case! Celebrations at my house always call for a spread of sweet and savory foods and drinks that are the favorites of the guest of honor.

  53. I love this post, Sandy!! (By the way… it’s really ME commenting, lol!) Your pictures are so great, and those personalized Abby coke bottles are darling! We celebrate with family having parties with a whole lot of homemade food and drink!! What a great giveaway!

  54. We usualy come together and have a huge meal. We eat so much and laugh a lot

  55. I have two of my kids that are graduating at the end of the summer with the Master Degrees. I will throw them a swim party BBQ with all the fixins and wonderful beverages, cake and decorations.

  56. I love to celebrate with food, whether a bbq, dinner party or just cocktails and apps!

  57. We enjoy grilling outside to celebrate special moments with family and friends!!!

  58. We celebrate with potlucks and BBQs over the summer. While I enjoy the food, my favorite part are the backyard games/competitions!

  59. Lots of BBQ’s and swim sessions over the summer. Summer is the BEST!

  60. My shareable ;moments are typically surrounded by food. My family comes into town and we eat and remember good times

  61. We have a nice family dinner and good conversation!

  62. Our shareable moments are centered around our favorite family recipes.

  63. How do you celebrate sharable moments with friends and family?

    we all get together at my home on the river and have great cookouts and buffet meals!

  64. We celebrate special moments by preparing special foods, drinks and games and we take lots of pictures to share with family and friends who can’t be there, we also read out the names of our deceased friends and family.

  65. We love to have casual gatherings with immediate family to celebrate a birthday or special occasion. Sometimes we just gather over a meal to celebrate family. Barbecues and Shrimp Boils are huge favorites.

  66. We love to gather out on our back deck and fire pit patio, good food and drink, plus music and twinkly lights. It’s the good stuff of life. LOVE those customizable Coca-Cola bottles!

  67. Here is my #ShareaCokeContest board!

  68. We always get together to celebrate whenever family comes in from out of town to visit. Everyone brings something different and we usually make something on the grill. Then we linger at the table and tell stories over dessert.

  69. we love to host parties at my home especially barbecues.

  70. BBQed burgers on homemade buttermilk buns, special sauce and all the fixings (don’t forget the bacon and avo). Gallons of sweet tea and the honorees favorite dessert, I’m a baker, it’s a given.

  71. Stress the cleaning and perfect, wow desserts less… Stress the company, conversation and time together MORE!!

  72. It is so enjoyable when family and friends can celebrate together around the dinner table. Meals just make time together more special.

  73. We love to celebrate over good food! In the summer time that usually means a big bbq!

  74. Here is the link to my board :) I hope you like my under the sea party theme!

  75. We like to celebrate by getting together for potlucks. It is great to have everyone bring their favorite dishes!

  76. My family is several states away, so I celebrate them from a distance with lots of emails, old photos, and cards and packages sent early via snail mail.

  77. Potluck – everyone brings something.

  78. We like to out to a fine restaurant to enjoy gourmet meals that I can’t or won’t (too many steps to the recipe!) cook at home.

  79. Have a cookout with family and friends!

  80. We celebrate by having a family gathering that we usually host. We make the main dish and we have everyone else bring a side dish and their favorite drinks.

  81. We have a family and friends cookout/bbq and play games and have a pool and games for the kids.

  82. we celebrate by having a nice family dinner

  83. at the table with a treat!

  84. My family lives far apart, but we always make sure we get together for special celebrations. Most recently, NYC for my sister’s graduation and Virginia for a family wedding. We love to travel! My dad will always have a funny poem written for whatever event we are celebrating. I look forward to that the most!

  85. We have our entire family over and have a pool party with lots of fun, food, and love.

  86. Here’s the Pinterest board: #ShareaCokeContest

  87. Celebrate during Summer, Outdoors, Plenty of Food and Lots of Shade & Cold Drinks! Oh! Red, White & Blue Makes a Perfect Summer Celebration!

  88. We celebrate by having a cookout. We will have friends and family over and eat, swim, and play. Thanks for all you do. Also, thanks for the giveaway.

  89. We celebrate with food: made-from-scratch cinnamon rolls, a special dinner, or homemade ice cream! Even a treat as simple as s’mores around the campfire has been a way we’ve marked special occasions.

  90. We like to celebrate with lots of great food and games.

  91. We have a big party at my house and take lots of pictures.

  92. With great food and drinks!

  93. I love a desert & cocktails party!

  94. We celebrate moments together by enjoying fun times at the lake and engaging in water sports.

  95. We send out evites or call to friends when we are in their city to have a cup of coffee (our treat) at a local coffee bar/shop.Grabbing a cup of coffee fits into people’s errands.

  96. We love to take road trips together!

  97. I get together with family and friends for a great meal and game night as our shareable moments. During the summer, we all go to the lake or river to spend time on the beach.

  98. The above link #116 is the incorrect link and could not delete the post.

    Here is the correct link to Pinterest Board:

  99. with a good family cookout

  100. I am very big on traditions; we have many traditions surrounding various holidays and important milestones. Most of those involve meals that I lovingly prepare. My girls are 10 and 11 and they love to help me cook and they love our family food traditions.

  101. Here’s the Pinterest #ShareaCokeContest board:

  102. My link to my Coke pinterest board:

  103. My link to my Coke pinterest board: #ShareaCokeContest

  104. I create shareable moments with friends and family by hosting and attending several parties and cook outs all Summer long. It’s a great way to make Summer worth it and create amazing memories with the people you love!

  105. The link to my pin board is:


  106. #ShareaCokeContest
    The link to my pin board is:

  107. My pinterest board found here at this link:

  108. We like to celebrate with a barbecue in our backyard. We spend all day eating and playing in the pool. We love to catch fireflies and make s’mores at the end of the night.

  109. I celebrate with a nice bbq and lots of fun games.

  110. We celebrate with a bbq for friends and family that includes good food, games and of course Coca Cola. My board is here, thanks for the chance!

  111. I celebrate and share special moments with friends and family by meeting at a local lunch place, followed by a one hour walk around our neighborhood.

  112. I celebrate special times with my family on weekends with picnics or special creative meals on the patio.

  113. We go to a fancy restaurant.

  114. Pinerest orchidlady01pin: #ShareaCokeContest

  115. I love to celebrate with family and friends by having a feast, sharing laughs and enjoying in the outdoors.

    Link to my Pinterest board:

  116. We celebrate with good homemade food!

  117. Here’s a link to my board –

  118. My board for #ShareaCokeContest -

  119. Here’s a link to my #ShareaCokeContest pinterest board –

  120. A link to my #ShareaCokeContest pinterest board –

  121. My pinterest board link posted here:

  122. We usually have a big pool party to celebrate Happy Everything Day. All the birthdays, start of summer, end of summer, all rolled up in one!

  123. My #ShareaCokeContest pinterest board link posted here:

  124. We celebrate with parties, pictures and fun nights out.

  125. link-

  126. We fire up the grill and the smoker and have lots of food and drinks so friends can graze!

  127. link to my board-

  128. The link to my #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board is:

  129. We go to the beach.

  130. my board-

  131. The link to my #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board is:

  132. Link to my #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board is:

  133. Pinterest #ShareaCokeContest board link is as follows:

  134. coming together over a meal

  135. My interest #ShareaCokeContest board link is as follows:

  136. My interest #ShareaCokeContest board link is:

  137. my #ShareaCokeContest pinterest board –

  138. My #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board link is:

  139. My #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board link is:

  140. food and laughing together 

  141. I celebrate share special moments with friends and family by hosting family get togethers and then sharing the pictures on social media so that every single family member feels included.

  142. #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board link is:

  143. we celebrate with parties, lots of food and games and fun

  144. I love to share a meal, something homemade! I always show my family I love them by cooking for them!

  145. I love sharing special moments with my grand kids and a diet coke.

  146. Thanks so much for the chance here is my pinterest board link

  147. The Pinterest link to my board for #ShareaCokeContest is:

  148. I feed them!

  149. A way to anyone’s heart is with some yummy food! We celebrate many everyday/special moments with meals made straight from the kitchen!

  150. My family always has to have soda at a celebration. They’d go crazy for these cute little bottles.

  151. Spending time together is the best way to celebrate. It doesn’t matter what we do as long as we’re together!

  152. We always have a big potluck of puerto rican and italian food

  153. Lots of barbecues and fun times at our home in Sunriver are the best summertime activities for our friends and family.

  154. We love to entertain friend and family down by the lake with yummy food.

  155. We enjoy having friends and family over for a Pool Party or game night. Food, Friends, Family enjoying each other! Lots of pictures to share for the next get-together!


  157. My #Shareacoke pin board!

  158. Usually around a table with good food and plenty of conversation.

  159. I like to go camping to celebrate those milestones in our lives. It is amazing what people will share through out the day as they relax and slow down. Taking boat rides, fishing, sharing simple meals and telling stories around the campfire really help us to connect with one another and build memories.

  160. I love to set a pretty or unique table that makes my guests feel welcome and happy. I often will cook new recipes from trusted sources for close friends and family. If the ingredients are familiar and it seems doable it’s usually a hit!

  161. One of the things my family likes to do is pop the popcorn, and gather to watch one of our favorite movies.

  162. with good food and plenty of laughter!

  163. Have food, drinks, games for the adults and kids!

  164. I love having friends over for a long bbq knowing the kids are going to play hard and be hungry and the adults can enjoy a beverage while everyone is playing.

  165. We potluck like crazy — and I can’t wait til my nieces and nephews and kids can start bringing their own creations!

  166. Usually try to BBQ,and gather outside , get in a big circle around the table and share funny stories or share something you appreciate about one person , this is especially nice for family Birthday celebrations.

  167. I celebrate with a BBQ.

  168. I love to have themed parties. Depending on what the occasion is I make the party theme be whatever the occasion is or if it’s a birthday party for a child they get to pick out what the theme is. But I love to have sharable moments with great get togethers — be it a cook out, a party, or just an appetizers and drinks get together it’s all good. As long as we are and can be together, everything can be fun, exciting, and interesting.

  169. My #shareacokecontest pin board link:

  170. We celebrate by having a family BBQ, or going out for a meal at a nice restaurant.

  171. with a lot of food!

  172. We have a good dinner or bar-b-q if it’s summer.

  173. We celebrate summer with smoked chicken and homemade icecream and coke floats!

  174. Love to spend time in the sun with family and friends!

  175. Love to spend time in the sun with family and friends!

  176. We like to celebrate by getting our family together for a meal and taking lots of pictures and having lots of fun.

  177. My link to my #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board.

  178. Now that everyone is older, we try to get all our families together at least once a month. We reminisce about the old days and celebrate the new blessings in our lives.

  179. The #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board link is as follows:

  180. My #ShareACokeContest Pinterest page:

  181. Here’s my #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board.

  182. The link to my #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board is:

  183. my #ShareaCokeContest pinterest board is located here –

  184. We have to use different words every time we post here! Link to board: #ShareaCokeContest

  185. Here is my #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board.

  186. Please disregard comment #289 above

    Pin Board Link is:

  187. This is my #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest board.

  188. my #ShareaCokeContest pinterest board is here –

  189. We take pictures, pictures and more pictures! Then usually we go through old photo albums, which I worry will become obsolete as we have all gone digital!

  190. You can find my #ShareaCokeContest pinterest board here –

  191. We will have a cookout with family and friends

  192. We celebrate family with great homecooked meals and great conversations..

  193. You’ll find my #ShareaCokeContest pinterest board here –

  194. We usually will have friends and family over for dinner or bbq for special occassions.

  195. My #ShareaCokeContest Pinterest Board

  196. My husband and I love to entertain; we have parties with great food and beverages #ShareaCoke

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