Taking a Vacation in Your Own Backyard and Saying Goodbye to Summer

When Labor Day rolls around, I have to admit I get a little sentimental about summer ending and a new season beginning. I love summer, I love the carefree feeling in the air, the late nights, casual get-togethers with memories created by family and friends.

We had so much fun with our out-of-town guests this weekend that I forgot to get a post ready this morning! That’s a good sign for a blogger = relaxation. :)

My friend Steph and I baked, cooked, roasted, canned … you name it, we tried it. Oh, and my Blackberry Spelt Bread was a huge hit this morning for breakfast! We defrosted, toasted, and served it with scrambled eggs, leftover salmon, pineapple, mango and avocados this morning. Delish!

Reflections from our Labor Day weekend.

My friend Anna provided us a large bag of plums. We made plum breakfast bread. And then I roasted tomatoes and plums together. Oh, my!

Garden helpers. And homemade bruschetta.

100 degree days and staying cool.

Cuddling, bedtime routines, nap times, toys and happy kids.

Late night dinner with the whole family.

Canning Christmas treats.

Relaxing in the shade.

Oh, and Scrabble in the pool. Why not?

It’s good to take a vacation in your own backyard. That’s what I did this past weekend as we so enjoyed our company. It was amazing family time and I am thankful! Now we’re mentally setting aside “summer” and moving on to pure “autumnness.”

How did you spend Labor Day weekend?

8 comments on “Taking a Vacation in Your Own Backyard and Saying Goodbye to Summer”

  1. Now I must go scour your blog for the plum breakfast bread. Please tell me it’s in there. I have been looking for a good recipe for plum bread — because all the others I’ve tried were icky.

    Looks like it was a wonderful weekend! I come vacation in your backyard any time! ;)

  2. That picture of the toddler sleeping is just adorable!! I hope I can catch my little one like that someday so I can snatch the same photo!

  3. What an awesome idea. We just hung around home (we had a bonfire last night…I made homemade blackberry ice cream) today, then I took the girls to buy school supplies

  4. Absolutely beautiful! Way to completely ENJOY life. :)

  5. You play Scrabble in the pool?! Can I come to visit? LOVE Scrabble! I’m really not ready to let go of summer, as we had such a fun & laid-back one. Oh well…Fall, here we come!

  6. What a great weekend! I’m with you I always miss summer but now that September has arrived I’m preparing myself for Fall and colder weather very soon.
    Blessings and can’t wait to see you at Relevant,

  7. Thanks for inviting us to enjoy your end-of-summer fling with you! It was especially fun to see everyone soaking in the warm sunshine and all that wonderful food. I bet there’s a post upcoming with your Christmas canning treats!

    Our temps went from 90 degrees on Saturday, down to 60 on Monday. I guess Autumn has officially arrived…like it or not. Seriously…I love the cool evenings and the amazing ‘light’ of the season. However, it is hard to leave this lighthearted, less hectic season behind.

  8. This just has me smiling ear to ear! Everyone is SO happy and peaceful.

    We just drove home from a quick family visit in Arkansas. Husband is cooking. I have my glass of wine and the camera slung around my neck. Aaah!

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