One thing I’ve taught my children over the years, is how to set a table.

Now as teens, will they always do it perfectly? Probably not. But that’s okay.

I remember years ago, my husband would remind me that once we initiated one of our children into the task of setting the table, that I’d need to leave it at that.

In other words, don’t point any mistakes out.

I’d have a tendency to jump in or point out how it could be done “better,” or for “next time.” (Perfectionist at heart.)

Yes, there’s always a teaching moment. But sometimes no words are best.

Better to join together at the table and say Great job!, to whoever set the table.

The holidays are a great time to teach your kids about casual and formal table settings, and then let them practice on your dinner guests!

In past years, I remember pointing out, “so and so set the table tonight” to our dinner guests. It wasn’t that I was trying to apologize for an imperfect table, I was really trying to show that our kids are involved, too, and things don’t have to be perfect all the time. (It’s okay if the tablecloth is on backwards, yes, it is!)

No matter the degree of informality, I do believe a table must be clean, orderly, and attractive.

These next two months are really a fun time for table settings, don’t you think?

A great teaching and creative time for the family.

What are your rules for letting your young ones help set the table, including for dinner guests?