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Mom, do you want me to pick pears for you?

This autumn season, my son had the opportunity to pick pears in our friend’s orchard.

What a mom loves is when thoughtfulness is instigated by her kids, without her prompting.

Amen, amen!

I was over-the-moon happy and of course said, yes!

What will I do with these pears? They are Comice pears and not canning pears.

Delicious eating pears.

Pear butter (we did combine pears and apples for this recipe).

Lots of pear cobblers and crisps.

And maybe I’ll find some cute towels and wrap some up, and take them as hostess gifts when we are asked out.

I might weigh down my tablecloths with pears and burlap cloths for autumn outdoor entertaining, as long as the weather holds out.

Pears are the beloved fruit in our home.

For me, they bring great memories of canning as a child, and our kids love them.

The thoughtfulness of 5 boxes, I won’t forget.

Thinking of others.


How do you feel when your kids think up a “random act of kindness” without your prompting?

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