Day 26: Using Accent Dishes to Compliment Your Table Setting

Thanks for joining me in my “30 Days of Summer Entertaining” series. (Scroll down to the bottom for previous posts in this series) :)

Over the years, I’ve loved picking up accent dishes from the Dollar Store or clearance isles, that can be used for salad or dessert plates, or even side plates for bread. They go so well with standard white dinner dishes.

Start with a solid tablecloth, then your white dishes, and then add bright, cheery “accent” dishes.

I bought these daisy plates for $1 from Target. They really add a touch of happiness with my daisies that are blooming right now!

You can add fresh flowers, or even snip ONE flower from your pots and add fresh greenery.

Tie it all together for a fresh and summery tablescape!

Do you use accent plates to compliment your table settings?

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30 days of Summer Entertaining

7 comments on “Day 26: Using Accent Dishes to Compliment Your Table Setting”

  1. I love how you are thinking ahead but how do I make sure I am not wasting money? I have a basement full of cute things I bought but I have a hard time bringing things together. Do you have a plan in mind when you buy things on clearance? Or am I missing some kind of gene that helps me make beautiful settings? LOL

  2. Why yes I do! Thanks for all the tips this summer. So inspiring.

  3. What a beautiful idea! Economical and very doable. Thank you!!

  4. You are so clever, the plates and flowers make the table don’t they? I don’t really use accent plates as such. I have blue/white china and then I have a set of ruby red dishes so I mix the red sometimes. I also have a collection of old “candlewick” (clear glass). I mostly have serving pieces of that so sometimes I mix that with the blue and white.


  5. I do use accent plates. I have three main sets of dishes (one solid white) and mix in accent plates with all of them. I have some solid accent plates (think seasonal colors) as well as some themed plates (snowmen, seashells, etc). I think it makes the table look so festive without any extra effort. Accent plates have actually come close to an addiction for me at times. It’s like being able to get a whole new dinner service for just a few dollars. Now, if I could just get that warehouse to store them all! Ha!

  6. Oh yes…I love accent plates! I adore dishes (I’m thinking that most women do!) and would love to have a huge collection. But cost is a factor, and storage space is too…so I content myself with my white dishes and jazz up my table with serving pieces or accent plates.
    What do you think of using melamine accent pieces with your white dishes? Do you think it’s a no-no to use “mixed media”? ;-)

  7. I have some smaller clear plates that we use for dessert, but I don’t really have accent plates, but I love the idea. I’m going to start keeping my eyes open

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