What Not to Leave in a Hotel Room

Hello, friends. For those who’ve wondered where I’ve been, well … it’s a story.

You may wonder if you can survive without your laptop, phone, social media, etc., especially if you’re a blogger! Well, yes you can.

At least without your lap top, for a short period of time.

But first, aren’t you dying to know who won the awesome giveaway here on RE from last Friday?

I promised that I’d announce the winner yesterday, but things changed a bit when I left my computer … in our hotel room in California.

Yup! I was down in So. California with my husband Paul, who was teaching on The Protectors to the high schoolers at Saddleback Church (on bullying).

We were staying over in Dana Point, on the beach. Long story short, don’t ever keep your lap top in a black bag. My computer is white. Easy! But this time I brought it in a soft, protective black bag.

We got up bright and early Monday morning (after enjoying a few beautiful days at the most gorgeous beach – Laguna Beach!) to head back to Oregon. As usual, we perused the room several times to make sure we didn’t leave anything.

When I got to the airport, I noticed my purse was lighter than normal.

Oops! No laptop bag inside.

I quickly called the hotel and they were gracious enough to run up to our room while I was on hold, and find my laptop. I knew exactly where it was. Black bag on a black bedspread in a semi-darkened room.

They called and arranged shipping right away to my home in Oregon.

UPS was amazing. I got my computer overnight.

I didn’t realize this, but in a way my computer is like a part of my body. I’m not sure if that is good or bad!

Anyway, I’m back, not only sharing pictures of beautiful Southern California and the awesome time we had with our daughter, but also really happy that this box arrived to our front door.

So … here’s the winner from Friday’s giveaway!

Jen from Savory Simple! Congrats to Jen! I wore my apron last night as I was whipping up a yummy new dessert I’ll be sharing here next week. Easy for Halloween or a Harvest party. :)

What’s the worse thing you’ve left in a hotel room?

PS. Also, if you have time would you share a few post ideas of what you’d like to learn more about on RE in the month of October and November?

13 comments on “What Not to Leave in a Hotel Room”

  1. I’d love to get some more ideas as to complete menu ideas when entertaining guests, as well as your thoughts and experience on reaching deeper than the surface things when interacting with others. Because I struggle with knowing how to take the conversation deeper and really make a heart connection.

    By the way, thanks for a wonderfully inspiring blog!

  2. I left a brand new pair of prescription eyeglasses.

  3. I left my wedding jewellery in our hotel room on our wedding night, my mind may have been focussed on other things. I didn’t realise I’d left it until months later and never got it back. But I’ve still got my awesome husband so that makes it a little less painful.

  4. oh dear! That’s so scary. I’d have been freaking out, and I’m sure you were!! Glad you had a great time in CA- you certainly had great weather!!! XO

  5. Congratulations on getting your computer back, I am so happy for you!

    What I would really like to learn more on for entertaining is how to create a simple pretty table scape – more of the planning/thought process/template to start with – I am describing this poorly, but I struggle with making a pretty table with littles.

    THe other thing I would like to learn about is developing hospitality when your neighbors are happy to nod as they pass by and no more and the people you meet are so nice when you run into them, but not much for meeting after. We feel kind of isolated and I am not sure how to break through.

  6. SO glad they were able to get you the computer with relative ease! And I’m really glad you had a nice time here this weekend. It was hot as blazes…perfect beach weather!

  7. Thanks so much, I’m excited! I think this may be the first time I’ve ever won a giveaway :)

  8. oh my gosh, i would panic – the worst thing i’ve left in a hotel is a pair of shoes or something. although i’m sure now that we have a kiddo we’ll leave something major sometime soon!

  9. I left my pillow in Lubbock on the way to Colorado one time. Happily we were able to pick it up on the return trip, but a week without my feather and down pillow was enough to make me always put a bright purple pillow case on it when we travel from now on!

  10. Me, my mom, my sister, and my niece had a “girls weekend” in the city. My niece was around 1 and she brought her favorite teddy bear with her. It was my teddy bear when I was little, and when she saw it at my mom’s house she immediately fell in love with it and took it everywhere. When we packed up and left the hotel, we forgot her teddy bear. My niece realized she didn’t have it on the way home and cried and cried and cried. It was the saddest thing ever. Thankfully at the time my mom worked in the corporate office of a trucking company and was able to find a driver passing through that picked up the teddy bear for us the next day. He really saved the day!

  11. I’m a diabetic. I wear an insulin pump. Doofus here left it in a hotel room last year. Thankfully I realized it was not attached to me when we were still close enough to go back and get it. Felt so so stupid.

  12. I am so glad you got your laptop back, Sandy. I am very lucky, and haven’t left anything in a hotel room- yet! Congratulations to Jen!

    For October and November- Do you entertain a large crowd for Thanksgiving? If so, maybe a countdown to Thanksgiving? I would love to know how you prepare for the big day, and would love to know how you set your Thanksgiving table! Thanks!

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