What Teens Can Do After a Dinner Party

Our friends came for dinner on a hot summer night. We sat outside and enjoyed the meal, but then before we knew it, the little kids were up, running around and playing.

That’s fine with me. I love all of the activity.

My daughter and her friend had a fun, creative idea: They took wire and fresh flowers from the yard and make head wreaths for the children, so they could take the little kid’s pictures!

It was such a fun, creative idea, I wanted to share it with you for the next time you have bored teens in the home, when they’re supposed to be entertaining the little ones.

-Flowers and wire.

-Camera and cute kids.

-A gift to the parents.

And really fun for the teens.

What activities do you encourage with teens when you also host small kids?

(Thanks Abby, for the delightful pictures of the girls! Their Mama will treasure these!)

3 comments on “What Teens Can Do After a Dinner Party”

  1. What a cutie! Entertaining little kids is easier than the teenagers. But lately I started to involve them in cooking and even those that didn’t like to cook before enjoy the whole fun process. Kids of any age love pasta, and they love to make their own. After the dinner party we play games, outdoors many active games, and indoor board games. :)

  2. That is precious!

  3. How creative, and what beautiful photos for the parents of those adorable little girls! :-)

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