Why We Love our Whoodle Pup!

Friends, it’s time for an update on why we love our Whoodle pup, Alder! Our Wheaten Terrier and Poodle mix is now 4 months old!

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

As many of you know, Alder the Entertainer Whoodle Pup joined our family at the end of July this year. Today I’m sharing why we love our Whoodle pup! And I mean LOVE! :)

He is now a 18-week old pup (Wheaten Terrier and Poodle mix), playful, feisty, and a real character. His personality is so charming–a true love bug when he’s not picking a fight (in a playful way) with Haggis, digging in the dirt, looking for shoes or socks, or chasing his ball. (Below, a “teddy” for a “teddy.”)

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

A Whoodle is highly extroverted and loves a good game, so we’re often in the front of our house playing catch! They are very agile and enthusiastic pups! (Blending right in, in the central Oregon desert.)

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

We’re looking forward to the Wheaten breed coming through, as they are loyal, outgoing and fairly obedient dogs! (We do own a terrier already, which is why I say “fairly.” They can be strong-willed!)

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

Alder is crate-trained, and sleeps like a baby at night! He also just got his bangs trimmed!

He’s had a few baths, jumped in the Deschutes River, and gets daily walks in our neighborhood.

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

We just took him on his first hike to Devil’s Lake!

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

We can’t wait to start puppy classes!

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

We had a wake-up call and learned something new about mushrooms a month ago.

Have you heard of dogs eating psychedelic mushrooms? You know, the kind that college kids eat?

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

Well, little did we know that they are found in wood chips (which are surrounding our house), and Alder ate one tiny mushroom!

After a visit to the local vet, when he started salivating like a faucet, they induced vomiting. Sure enough, our vet found a “whole” mushroom that Alder had eaten. Little stinker!

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

Why we love our Whoodle pup

Alder, meaning Irish tree, is a soft-coated Wheaten Terrier (a breed that originated in Ireland) and Poodle mix. He is already turning a beautiful wheat color, enhanced by a thick fringe of dark hair above the eyebrows and a beard that grows on the muzzle.

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

Add a cute, soft black nose on top of that. ADORABLE!

We’re working on his playfulness, and to not jump up on people! Although he will sneak in a friendly lick on the face, and he loves to cuddle.

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

This week’s accomplishment? Alder conquered 3 stairs, then he went on to going up the entire staircase by himself.

Descending will happen when he is ready! (Update: He just TODAY went down the stairs by himself, but only on our outside stairs. Funny, he won’t even try inside!)

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

Alder’s also very social with other dogs. He’s always wanting to play with Haggis, who clearly is not interested in play. As you can see, his legs are getting longer and he’s taller than Haggis now! We also love this Wigzi Dual Doggie Retractable Leash!

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

For the first time in 8 years, Haggis (13 years old Cairn Terrier) decided to get in on the game and retrieve a ball, because of the competition with Alder. It’s true, puppies make older dogs come alive inside!

I can’t say enough about this breed, Friends, if you’re looking for a dog with a great personality, hypo-alllergenic, and does not shed.

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

And those half-moon eyes? They melt my heart every time!

Why We Love our Whoodle Pup

You can always email me for more information. Lastly, are you following me on Instagram? You’ll love my “stories” that are so fun, with random pup and lifestyle stories of our family!

Happy weekend from central Oregon!

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9 comments on “Why We Love our Whoodle Pup!”

  1. Hi… saw a Whoodle shopping at Nordstrom.  So cute and owner couldn’t say enough.  Her breeder too is from Oregon and would love to know yours… 

  2. I’ve been looking for a whoodle puppy for a while now!  Can you tell me of a good place, good people to ask?

  3. I have been following you on FB and came across your Alder post. LOVE him, but my biggest surprise was finding out we’re both from Central OR, Bend for me! I’ve saved some of your recipes and would love more posts on Alder. Can you please tell me who Alder’s breeder is? Thanks so much.

  4. Hi! I LOVE Alder soooo much. He is a doll baby for sure I was wondering….how could I get ahold of a breeder. We just lost both of our dogs within 4 months of each other and it is very lonely now. I love the way Alder looks…he has such mischief and sincerity (both at the same time-LOL) and I would just love to have one of my own. I live in NY state–south western along the Pa. line about 90 miles from Buffalo as the crow flies. Can you give me any info at all on where I might be able to be lucky enough to find a little face like the one you are so fortunate to have. Enjoy him…I know you will. Thanks so much for your time.

  5. How frightening for you and fortunately not deadly for Alder. I know of a dog in the Portland area that ingested a mushroom on a trail walk and died. He looks like a sweetie and will keep you on your toes for some time. Is it possible your interior stairs are slick and the exterior have more grip for his paws?

  6. Ahhhh he’s so stinkin’ cute. Almost makes me want a dog. lol.

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