I want to thank my friend, Nester, for inspiring a whole bunch of bloggers to write about their passions in the month of October. Last year I wrote 31 posts on Stress-Free Entertaining.

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This year my 31-Day inspiration is to write about “warmer connections.” Think about what these words mean to you … yummy smells, giving, sharing, connecting, growing, traditions, nature, warmth, relationships. We’re drawn in and we don’t want to miss out, but sometimes it’s hard to get there … to enjoy those warmer connections in our lives.

October is an inspiring month. We settle into Fall and start to look forward to the holidays. In Oregon our weather is absolutely stunningly beautiful in October. It’s just very motivational on many accounts: cooler for exercise, more structured for diet and eating healthy, colorful for the soul, inspiring for opening our homes, over-all more routine-friendly (kids back in school, soccer has begun).

Warmer Connections gets me in the mood for connecting with people.

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