6 TIPS for  No-Pressure Entertaining

I love simple entertaining, and I sometimes wish everyone else loved it as much as I do. But not everyone does, because they do not like the pressure they are under when hosting others. So today I’m sharing 6 Tips for No-Pressure Entertaining!

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Redefine the word.

One thing to keep in mind for reluctant entertainers is that you may need to redefine how you think about entertaining.

Think about the words relaxed, or “no pressure.” Doesn’t that bring a bit of clarity and relief?

6 TIPS for No-Pressure Entertaining

If you’re having people into your home to catch up on life, or out-of-town guests are coming in for a short weekend, or neighbors are popping in for a quick meal – whatever the scenario, there is nothing wrong in dressing up a meal in your freezer, or serving take-out food from your favorite restaurant, and making the evening easy on yourself.

My kind of dinner party is a relaxed dinner party.

Easy on yourself.

Easy on yourself … means no pressure. Keep it simple, easy, use what you have, go with the flow, and be easy on yourself. That means do everything you can to remove the pressure of “perfect” and learn to relax and to enjoy! The moment may never come again to be with those exact people who are sitting around your table!

6 TIPS for No-Pressure Entertaining

I also call it un-pressured entertaining. Now I feel even better just reading that word. :)

How to entertain with NO pressure:

1. Decide that SIMPLICITY is your focus. Concentrate on keeping it that way. In other words, don’t get caught up in all the extra “fluff” that doesn’t really matter.

2. Remind yourself that you are NOT impressing others, but are providing nourishment and sharing.

3. Mix it up with mix-and-match dishes, linens, chairs – get the idea out of your head that everything needs to match perfectly!

4. Tell yourself it’s okay to serve “take out” even for a portion of the meal, if it makes it easier on you and saves you time! Whatever shortcuts you need to take … take them. No one needs to know!

5. Focus on the people who are coming, not the worries of perfectionism that will haunt you and STEAL the joy right out from under you.

6. Sit at the table with your guests and do not get up. Learn to revel in the moment, learning more about your guests and the gift they are to you.

6 TIPS for No-Pressure Entertaining

The great reward.

A great gathering does not have to be gourmet. All it takes is a willingness to venture out and want to get to know others more.

By simply sharing food and drink in your home, you’re providing the ultimate hospitable environment! By the way, hospitality is a forgotten word amongst many households, sadly so. And I feel for our children who never learn the rewards in life, by the simple gestures of hospitality.

6 TIPS for No-Pressure Entertaining

Details about the mix-matched table.

MacKenzie-Childs black and white “Courtly Check” chargers & water pitcher.

– Dollar Store black plates.

– TJ Maxx clearance peacock salad plates, gold candle holders, CHEERS paper napkins.

– Mikasa chalkboard wine glasses.

– Greenery from the outdoors.

6 TIPS for No-Pressure Entertaining

I used what I had, set the table in less than 5 minutes — perfect-ready for company! Perfectly as in perfectly not perfect!

And then the golden sun shone through the back patio door, which made the table sparkle and glow {swoon}.

An added gift for what was to come …

What stops you from entertaining?